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Information about JMB FLY ON Program

Service Status - Summary of Benefits for Top-Tier MembersExclusive benefits and first-class services

Fly More and Gain Access to First-Class Services

Exclusive benefits and first-class services. The FLY ON Program is a top-tier program to reward our most frequent fliers.

The period of services introduced are as indicated below.

First Services : Services that are available to members around one week after status qualification

Second Services : Services that are available to members from the arrival of your FLY ON status card until March of the second year following qualification.

Third Services : Services that are available from April 1 of the year following status qualification until March of the second year following status qualification

Service JGC

- - -

JGC members
(*1) -

oneworld Tier Status

Reservation services
Priority Waitlist
Advance Front Seat Assignment Service on Japan Domestic Flights (*2) -
Boarding services
Priority Check-in (*3)
Priority Stand by -International Airports-
Priority Stand by -Domestic Airports-
Extra Checked Baggage Allowance Domestic Flight : 20kg / International Flight : 1 piece
Domestic Flight : 20kg / International Flight : 1 piece
Domestic Flight : 20kg / International Flight : 1 piece
Domestic Flight : 20kg / International Flight : 1 piece
Domestic Flight : 10kg / International Flight : 1 piece Domestic Flight : 20kg / International Flight : 1 piece
Special Security Gate (*6) (*6) - - - -
JAL Global Club(JGC) Entrance (*6) (*6) (*6) (*6) - (*6)
Fast Security Lane (*7) (*7) -
JAL First class LOUNGE Access - - - -
Lounge Access on Card Presentation -
Priority Boarding -International Flights-
Priority Boarding -Domestic Flights- (*8) (*8) - (*8)
Priority Baggage Service(*9) Δ(*10)
Bonus Mile
Mile-Up Bonus [JAL•AA•US] 130% 105% 105% 55% 55% 35%(*11)
Mile-Up Bonus [BA] 100% 100% 100% 50% 25% 35%(*11)
Other services
DIAMOND Award Tickets - - - - -
Suspension of Mileage Expiration(*12) - - - -
Pre-booking for in-flight sales on JAL international flights - - - -
Airline Pilot Experience - - - -
JAL Totteoki-no-Ippin limited items - - -
Prepaid card gift promotion at the Shilla Duty Free
Service Selection
- - - -

- JAL: Japan Airlines, AA: American Airlines, US: US Airways, BA: British Airways

-: Services that are available when flying with oneworld member airlines are marked with a mark according to tire.

  • *1 JGC PREMIER Service is eligible only for JAL Global Club members. JGC PREMIER Service will be offered to the new JGC members starting from around one week after enrollment.
  • *2 Only JGC members are eligible.
  • *3 Priority check-in is available when flying "Class J" on domestic routes and when departing on international routes from the airports where JAL Business class check-in counter is available.
  • *4 Standard allowance + 1 checked baggage or Standard allowance + 20Kg.
  • *5 When travelling in Economy Class
    <piece system> Standard allowance+1, up to 23kg applicable up to a total of 2 pieces
    ※This service is not applicable when Standard Free Baggee Allowance is 2 pieces.
    <weight system> Standard allowance+15kg
  • *6 Haneda Airport, Itami Airport, Sapporo Airport, Fukuoka Airport.
  • *7 Applicable airports are subject to change. Due to restrictions or local agreements with Security Fast Track facility operators, this service may not be available for Emerald tier customers depends on the flight they are travelling. Please refer to oneworld alliance website for details.
  • *8 Available from July 1, 2015.
  • *9 The service is not available on flights operated by British Airways.
  • *10 This service is only available when flying in "Class J" on JAL domestic routes.
  • *11 Only JAL Global Club JAL CARD (CLUB-A or higher) are eligible.
  • *12 Suspension of mileage expiration will take effect from miles that would normally expire at the end of the month following the month of membership qualification.
  • * Some restrictions may apply to services listed above. Please refer to the details of the services in the following pages of this handbook or JAL website.
  • * Some restrictions may apply when flying some code-share flights operated by airlines other than JAL. Please click here for details.
  • * Services are subject to change without prior notice.
  • * Services when flying with oneworld alliance member airlines may not be available depending on the airlines, routes and airport facilities.

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