FLY ON Point

Information about JMB Fly On Program

FLY ON Point - Collect Fly On Points to Become a Top-Tier Member

How to Accumulate “FLY ON Points”

For every eligible flight you take, you will be awarded FLY ON Points automatically. Based on the points accumulated during the calendar year, services for the appropriate membership level (CRYSTAL, SAPPHIRE, JGC PREMIER, or DIAMOND) will apply and extra benefits will be offered.

Fly on JAL Group flights*1 and/or oneworld alliance member airlines*2 Flight Mileage Accumulating FLY ON Points Earn "FLY ON Program" Membership

Flight Mileage will be accumulated according to the fare purchased.

FLY ON Points will be calculated and accumulated automatically, based on the flight miles of the eligible flights.

Membership in a respective tier will be applied according to the FLY ON Points accumulated during the previous calendar year.

Accumulating Flight Mileage Redeeming Mileage for Awards
Flight mileage will be credited to your JMB account.

Depending on the mileage accumulated, it may be redeemed for awards such as.

  • Award tickets
  • international Upgrade awards
  • JAL COUPON awards
  • *1 To earn FLY ON Points, JAL Group flights (including codeshare flights operated by other airlines) must be flown with fares eligible for JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) mileage accumulation and the associated flight mileage must be credited to your JMB account. Please note that Hokkaido Air System (HAC) flights are eligible for FLY ON Points only when they are flown with JAL flight numbers.
  • *2 oneworld alliance member airlines' flights must be flown with fares eligible for JMB mileage accumulation. The associated flight mileage must be credited to your JMB account.
  • *3 JGC PREMIER Service is available only to JAL Global Club members.
  • * FLY ON Points differ from flight miles, which are used to redeem JMB awards such as award tickets and upgrades.
  • * Shopping miles, hotel miles, and miles accrued to your account by promotional campaigns or traveling on our partner airlines' flights are not converted to FLY ON Points.

Accumulating FLY ON Points

FLY ON Points = Flight mileage x FLY ON Point conversion rate + Bonus point

[Flight mileage]

  • Flight mileage will be calculated on the basis of sector mileage at the mileage conversion rate for the specific flight class and fares.

[“FLY ON“ Point conversion rate]

  • Domestic flights within Japan: 2 x FLY ON Points
  • JAL flights to/from Japan and Hong Kong/China/Asia/Oceania : 1.5 x FLY ON Points
  • International flights other than above: 1 x FLY ON Points

[Bonus point]

Additional “FLY ON Program“ Bonus Points will be awarded as follows:
JAL Group domestic flights within Japan Normal Fare, Child Fare, Round-trip Fare, Shuttle Round-trip Fare, JAL Business KIPPU, e Business 6, Shareholder's Saver Fare, Discount for the Disabled, Care Giver's Saver, Tokubin 1, Tokubin 3, Tokubin 7, Tokubin 21, Remote Island Round-trip, RAC Round-Trip Fare, etc. 400 points
Special Transit*, Transit Fare7
  • * Child Fare/Discount for the Disabled for special transit fare are eligible.
200 points
Sakitoku, Super Sakitoku, Ultra SAKITOKU, Senior Citizen Stand-by, JMB Companion, Sky Mate Stand-by, Transit Fare 28, JMB Award, JMB Companion, Individual Inclusive Tour Fares, Group Discount Fares, etc. 0 points
JAL international flights Fares with booking classes「F」「A」「J」「C」「D」「X」「I」「W」「E*」「Y」「B」「H」「K」「M」「L」「V」「S」printed in the CLASS column of tickets.
(First Class Fares, Business Class Fares, Normal Economy Class Fares, JAL Economy Saver Fares, Dynamic Saver Fares, etc)
  • * Ineligible for package tour.
400 points
Weekend Stay Fares, Individual Inclusive Tour Fares, etc. 0 points
  • * Some flight fares are not included in this point system.

[Promotion period] Until December 31, 2016 (flight date)
Additional “FLY ON Program” Bonus Points will be awarded on the basis of the actual fare paid for each flight.

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“FLY ON Program” Membership Eligibility Period

The length of service eligibility will depend on the service that you wish to use.

First Services :
Services that are available to members around one week after status qualification

Mile-Up Bonus, Reservation service, etc.

Second Services :
Services that are available to members from the arrival of your FLY ON status card until March of the second year following qualification

All airport services, services that require members to present their membership card, etc.

Third Services :
Services that are available from April 1 of the year following status qualification until March of second year following status qualification

* Third Services are available only to DIAMOND and JGC PREMIER members.

  • * Qualification date will be the day on which the member attains status qualification requirements based on FLY ON Points that are credited to the member's JMB account or number of flights taken in one calendar year from January through December.
  • * Membership cards will arrive around two to three weeks after qualification.
  • * Depending on where the member lives and for members living in regions other than Japan, circumstances may dictate that FLY ON status cards will arrive later than planned.

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Membership Level Upgrades

As soon as you reach the required number of FLY ON Points or number of flights eligible for a higher tier in one calendar year, you will receive a “FLY ON Card” starting from around one week after qualification, which activates some of the service that enable you to take advantage of the higher service. This service is only valid when advancing to a higher level in a single calendar year.
Please note that membership level upgrades do not apply when you maintain the same membership level (such as JMB CRYSTAL to JMB CRYSTAL).
* FLY ON Points will be reset to zero every calendar year.

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Extra Checked Baggage Allowance

Service cannot be used in conjunction with JAL Global Club benefits and other benefits for top-tier members.

  • * As some conditions apply to benefits and services. Please refer to each service status page.

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