Innovating JAL's Worldwide Network
with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The new JAL Boeing 787 JAL SKY SUITE 787 Along with the introduction of the Premium Economy class, the seats in all the classes have been redesigned.

Features of the 787

JAL Boeing 787 developed in pursuit of comfort using the advanced technology

Features of the 787 01

Wider, bigger windows for wider views

The windows have become 1.3 times as large as those of the conventional medium-sized aircrafts, offering wider views. The featured electric shadow can be adjusted at five levels based on brightness.

Features of the 787 02

Eye-friendly lighting using LED lights

LEDs are used for in-flight lighting. The JAL unique lighting program expresses the four seasons in Japan, as well as controls the lighting color to match various scenes.

Features of the 787 03

In-flight comfort & freedom

The 787 features wider cabins and higher ceilings compared with those of the conventional medium-sized aircrafts. With the humidity and air pressure settings which can be adjusted to your comfortable level, you can have a comfort and liberating experience.

Features of the 787 04

Large overhead bins

The spacious large-capacity luggage bins, which are the largest bins among those of the passenger aircrafts. The handles feature a universal design that enables the bins to be pushed or pulled open.

Features of the 787 05


You can enjoy in-flight entertainment, including the world's first SKY MANGA.

Features of the 787 06

Comfortable lavatories

WASHLETs*1, toilet seats with a warm water cleansing system for aircrafts, have been installed in Business Class*2.
*1 WASHLET is a registered trademark of TOTO.
*2 The WASHLETs are also adopted in Economy Class on JAL SKY SUITE 787.

A world first! Read digital manga in-flight! An extensive line up of SKY MSNGA

Check out JAL’s 787 Virtual Aircraft Tour!


Boeing 787


Length:6.7m Width:60.1m Height:16.9m Cruising speed:0.85Ma CO2 emission amount:Over 10% reduction compared to the 767 NOx emission amount:Over 12% reduction compared to the 767 Range:14,800km (Non-stop flights possible between Tokyo and New York)


Engine name:GEnx Manufacturing company:General Electric Company Aircraft:Boeing 787-8 Maximum takeoff thrust:69,800 lb Length:196inch (~=5.0m) By-Pass Ratio:9.5 Fan diameter:111inch (appx2.8m)

Seating capacity

  • Business Class / 42 seats Our new “JAL Shell Flat Neo”seating is 5cm wider than our existing seats.For further details on our seating
  • Economy Class 144 / seats With more leg room, word is spreading about how comfortable our seats are.For further details on our seating
  • Business Class / 38 seats Fully-flat seat JAL SKY SUITE with all of the seats facing aisle-side.For further details on our seating
  • Premium Economy / 35 seats JAL SKY PREMIUM developed in pursuit of a spacious and comfortable living space.For further details on our seating
  • Economy Class / 88 seats 787 - Quest for its world's top-level space! "JAL SKY WIDER II"For further details on our seating

Route map

*Blue Line - JAL SKY SUITE 787(SS8) *The start date of the flight and routes are subject to change depending on equipment delivery status. *1  JL813/816 will be operated by Boeing 787-8 until February 2015.

For more details



JAL×787 The JAL Boeing 787 is a state-of-the-art passenger aircraft that aims to provide customers with an extraordinary journey in the sky.This section is dedicated to introducing readers to several key Japan Airlines' employees who have been instrumental in giving the new JAL 787 its "Heart of Hospitality." Additional interviews or message from JAL experts will be added onto JAL's Facebook page (currently in Japanese), and we will post English transiations of such exchanges into this section. (Last update 2012.04.25)

Project Story


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  • JAL Boeing 787 PaintPainting JAL’s First 787
  • JAL Boeing 787 First ClassJAL’s first flight of the 787