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Frequently Asked Questions

  • QWhat is JAL Business on WEB?


    Companies can take advantage of this service program on JAL website.
    Applying for this service is free and you will be eligible to purchase tickets with discounts*.
    *Some restrictions may apply.
    This service is only available for registered companies, please apply if you wish to use the company discount program.

  • QDoes it cost to participate in this program?


    There is no charge for participating in this program.

  • QIs the company manager able to check the employee's flight usage?


    Only the reservation creator (traveller) knows the flight details. The company manager is not able to check through this program.

  • QIs there any benefit for this program?


    You will be eligible to purchase tickets with discounts*. Each mileage registration for each employee is available.
    *Some restrictions may apply.

  • QAre all fares available with discounts?


    Discounts differ depending on flights, fares, boarding periods, some discounts might not be available. Discounts are applicable for round-trip and one way itinerary.
    Multiple city search (Free itinerary) are not available.

  • QCan I issue a receipt?


    Yes, it can be issued from "Manage Booking" on JAL website.

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  • QCan I change/cancel after purchasing tickets?


    Yes, You can change/cancel it from "Manage Booking" on JAL website depending on fare rules.

    Reservation Changes
    Reservation changes can be made on JAL website after purchased without ticket service fee. Before travel commences, online reservation change is available until 72 hours before the 1st flight.
    After travel commenced, online reservation change is available until 24 hours before the original flight.
    * Restrictions may apply when changing reservations on JAL Website.

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    * Please contact our call center if online reservation change is not available and ticket service fee will apply.

    For details

    Tickets purchased on JAL website can be canceled and refunded on JAL website. Online cancel/refund is available until 23:59 of the day before departure. Fees and charges may apply based on fare rules.
    * When online cancel/refund is not available, please contact our call center.

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  • QCan I change the registered company information?


    After logging in, the company manager can change the telephone number, e-mail address, and contact person name.

  • QCan I withdraw from this program?


    The company manager can withdraw from this program though "login".

  • QThe registration result has not arrived.The registration result has not arrived.


    It will be sent by e-mail within one month from applying. Please contact us though the e-mail address for confirmation.

  • QWhere do I contact for information?


    Please contact by e-mail below.
    Japanese ・ English | business.on.web@jal.com

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