JMB 水晶卡

JMB 水晶卡是 JMB FLY ON 方案的第一等級會籍,提供各種服務能讓您的旅遊體驗更臻豐富。

JMB 水晶卡

在前一年的 1 月至 12 月期間,搭乘 JAL 集團與 oneworld 聯盟航班且符合下列任何條件的 JMB 會員,即可獲得 JMB 水晶卡:

  • 已累積至少 30,000 點 FLY ON 點數 (包括 15,000 點 JAL 集團航班的 FLY ON 點數) 的 JMB 會員,或
  • 已搭乘至少 30 個航班 (包括至少 15 個 JAL 集團航班) 並獲得 10,000 點 FLY ON 點數的 JMB 會員
  • *僅限搭乘票價符合 JMB 哩程累積資格的航班,才可計入符合 FLY ON 等級的總航班數。
  • *獲得 JMB 水晶卡等級的 JAL 全球俱樂部會員會收到 JGC 水晶卡。
  • *JMB 水晶卡服務無法與 JAL 全球俱樂部服務合併使用。
  • *服務如有變更,恕不另行通知,敬請留意。

JMB FLY ON 會員亦可享有 oneworld 聯盟航空公司的特殊服務。


JMB 水晶卡會員可享有 oneworld 紅寶石卡服務。


獲得 JMB 水晶卡等級的 JAL 全球俱樂部會員可享有 oneworld 藍寶石卡服務。

如需瞭解更多關於 oneworld 等級的資訊,請至 本頁將在新視窗中開啟此處 查看。

下列所有服務將提供至符合等級資格後第 2 年的 3 月 31 日為止。

會員在收到 FLY ON 等級卡後可開始享有的服務
符合等級資格後次年 4 月 1 日起可開始享有的服務
  • *第三等級服務僅限 JMB 鑽石卡與 JGC 環球金卡會員使用。
  • *FLY ON 會員卡將於符合資格後二至三週後送達。視會員居住地點的情況而定,FLY ON 等級卡可能需要較長時間才能寄達,且居住於日本以外地區的會員可能也需要較長時間才能收到。

Fly on International Upgrade Awards and Get Miles Back Promotion

FLY ON members who travel on eligible routes in eligible classes of service using International Upgrade Awards will get back a designated number of miles toward the end of the following month.

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FLY ON Members only JAL Group Domestic Flight Bonus FLY ON Points Promotion "for a month of your choice"

Earn bonus FLY ON Points when you fly on JAL Group domestic flights at fares eligible for mileage accrual during the month specified by you in advance.

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  • *In order to qualify for this promotions, eligible members must register before travel. Please note that the deadline for promotion registration varies depending on the month you with to specify.

Prepaid Gift Card Promotion at The Shilla Duty Free

During the promotion period until March 31, 2021, JMB Crystal members who present their CRYSTAL card and passport at the information desk of the participating The Shilla Duty Free store (in Seoul) will receive a prepaid card worth KRW 10,000.

Prepaid card desk: Gift desk located on Basement 1 of the Seoul store.

  • *One prepaid card will be offered one time per eligible member per following offer period:
    From April 1 to June 30
    From July 1 to September 30
    From October 1 to December 31
    From January 1 to March 31
  • *Prepaid cards are not for sale. Any unused balance cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.

Tokyo International Airport Parking Lot Reservation Service

Parking spaces at the Tokyo International Airport Parking Lot can be booked online.

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