Make Travel Easy with the JAL app!

The app provides support for everything related to flights, from booking and purchasing through to boarding. It's also easy to check your flight information and reserved flights.

The Information You Need Is Readily Available on the Home Screen

As long as you are logged in as a JMB Member, your member status*1 and other membership information will be displayed.
What's more, if you have flight tickets reserved, the status of your next flight*2, departure gate, and check-in information will be displayed in accordance with your flight departure and your status.

*2 The flight status is shown from the day before departure.

Make and Confirm Reservations Seamlessly

You can make bookings for flights departing from Japan as well as flights departing from other cities and countries.
You can also see an overview of  international flights (up to your next 6 flights) that you have booked, as well as check your flight information and seats.

Get More Information about Your Trip

You can check relevant information, including the current weather, airport information, sightseeing information and details of in-flight meals on your upcoming JAL international flights. The information displayed is updated to match the current stage of your journey*: the days leading up to your flight, the day of departure, in-flight, and after landing at your destination.

You can use the navigation functions when at Haneda Airport and Narita Airport to see high-definition terminal maps that help you find directions and how much time you need.
It shows you where to find the airline lounges and departure gates, as well as cafés and souvenir stores located in the terminal.

  • Depending on the airline or airport you use, some bookings or content may not be displayed.

Get Convenient Notifications about Flight Information

You can receive flight information and reminder notifications for your flight.

Download the JAL app!


Install the app

Install the app from the QR code.

  • "QR Code" is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.


Select your city and language

Select your city and language.

  • You can modify the srttings later.


Open the app

JMB Members

Open the app and log in as a JMB Member to get started!

Non-JMB Members

Open the app and select a menu from the home screen!

Supported Devices


iPhone and iPod touch with OS 11.0 or higher


OS 5.0 or higher

  • For Android devices, if the screen turns white and you are unable to proceed after tapping the app menu, please uninstall and reinstall the Android System WebView app, or update it to the latest version.
  • May not be available on all supported devices.

Points to Note and General Information

If you enter your JMB membership number and password, your JMB membership information and special offer details will be automatically retrieved once per day and displayed in the app.
If you want to manually update this information, you can retrieve the latest information from "More" > "Update Master Code."

About Booking Information Displayed in the App and Booking Flights

A domestic segment that is part of an international flight booking will be displayed as an "international flight" booking.
In addition, if your city is set to a non-Japanese city, some limitations apply to functions for booking and displaying single domestic Japanese flights that are not part of an international flight booking.

Please note that booking information cannot be displayed in the following cases:

  • If you are not logged in, or are not a JMB member and have not retrieved your booking information.
  • Your booking was changed at an airport counter or self-service check-in machine on the day of departure.
  • Your ticket was purchased through Dynamic Package or as part of a travel agency package tour.
  • When your city is set to a non-Japanese city and your booking is a Japanese domestic flight that is not part of an international flight booking.

About the Notification Feature (Booking Notification Service)

Customers Who Can Receive Notifications

Customers who have downloaded the JAL app and have turned the notification settings on.
Customers whose applicable flight booking is displayed in the app, or customers who are logged in as a JMB member.

  • Some information may also be received when using JAL codeshare flights operated by other airlines, or other airlines' codeshare flights operated by JAL Group.
  • Not applicable to customers using group discount fares.
  • You may not be able to properly receive notifications depending on your reservation status or usage environment, or due to limited reception where you are staying.
  • You may not receive notifications properly if your booking information is not in the app, if you have a poor connection, if you have not been connected to a network for a long period of time, or if your smartphone's date and time settings are incorrect.

Setting Up the Boarding Information Notification Service in the JAL app

To display your booking in the app, open the app and log in if you are a JMB member, or search for your booking if you are not a JMB member.
From the in-app menu, turn on all notification types under "More" > "Notification Settings."

Notifications You Can Receive from the JAL app

  1. Notifications about delays, cancellations, etc.
    Time changes, delays (of 30 minutes or more) or cancellations of flights close to departure.
  2. Notifications about boarding instructions
    Changes to departure gates, reminder notifications 24 hours prior to departure and 3 hours prior to departure (2 hour prior for domestic flights), notification that boarding has started, etc.

Bookings for International Flights

  • Round-trip tickets, one-way tickets, open-jaw tickets, or itineraries with stays in multiple cities can be booked, and JMB members can book award tickets.
  • Bookings solely for children under 12 years of age cannot be made online.