JAL Scholarship Program 2010  Applications are now open for the 37th JAL Scholarship Program. This year’s theme is: Tourism and cross-cultural understanding

Tourism is not a new concept. The last century has seen large-scale movements of people across national borders as the tourism industry continues to expand and allow increasing accessibility to the remotest parts of the world. Today, it is regarded as an important revenue-gathering tool for many modern economies. Beyond the dollars and cents though, how has tourism benefited or affected us? Has tourism brought the world closer together or was it our cross-cultural knowledge that was boosted by tourism? Is the age-old adage “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” still relevant today? Has tourism promoted tolerance and encouraged interaction between cultures or has it reinforced stereotypes and accentuated differences? Tourism has often been considered an effective catalyst in fostering cross-cultural understanding. To what extent has it been effective and what challenges does it pose to us in the future? These are some of the critical issues that will be dealt with, as the theme of the 2010 JAL Scholarship Program brings our focus to the relationship between tourism and cross-cultural understanding.

This matter will be the main focus of this year’s 2010 Scholarship Program.

The scholarship includes a 17-day stay in Japan (27th June – 13th July, 2010). The program aims to foster “Globally Minded Citizens”, focusing on promoting mutual understanding within the Asia-Oceania region. Scholars will participate in seminars by distinguished speakers, pioneers in various fields, discussion sessions, field trips in Tokyo and rural Japan, home stays, and also the prestigious Asia Forum in Ishikawa.

Applicants must be an undergraduate or graduate student 20 years old or over, currently studying at university, be a New Zealand citizen, and have not lived in Japan for more than six months.

All interested students meeting the above criteria are invited to submit an application in the form of a typed essay in English, of 400 words or less,based on the theme of “ Tourism and Cross-cultural Understanding”.

Please also submit a cover page with personal details, educational background and a brief self-introduction.

  • Entries are accepted via e-mail to:
  • Entries close 5.00pm Friday 23rd April 2010

Successful entrants will be required to attend an interview at the end of April.
Japan Airlines will provide a return economy class ticket to Tokyo, accommodation, insurance against sickness,
injury and theft (excluding cash, cheques) for the duration of the official program in Japan.

Click here for Scholarship Brochure (PDF Approx.1,005KB)
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