A350-1000 on Tokyo (HND) – New York (JFK) and Dallas Ft. Worth (DFW)*

Japan Airlines is welcoming new A350-1000 aircraft into its fleet,
offering an even higher standard for international travel with us.

Customers can look forward to cabin interiors that feature new seating in every class,
personalized inflight services and an overall quieter ride.

Spacious Cabins
& New Services

A cabin design in pursuit of the highest level of comfort and relaxation


New services allow guests to plan their inflight experience in advance, prior to departure


Flights that are quieter and more comfortable, and better for society

The New Inflight Experience

First Class

JAL's largest, most comfortable personal space to date

Upon closing your door, the large and fully private space will feel like you have entered a luxury hotel room. The large, adjustable sofa converts into your choice of a single or double-size bed. Built-in headrest speakers fill the space with clear, high-quality sound as if you are seated at a live concert.

Business Class

A new experience coupled with delightful surprises

For the first time, JAL is introducing fully private rooms in our business class cabin. An exclusive personal space awaits behind each door that includes built-in headrest speakers and a large 24-inch monitor for a completely new cabin experience in the sky. Additionally, custom features from a private wardrobe and easy-access storage for luggage, to wireless charging ensure that you have a luxurious and carefree journey.

Economy Class

Further elevating the premium economy class experience

The new seat design includes larger partitions to ensure added privacy and the special FIXBACK seat provides an easy, stress-free recline without worry about what is behind. Legrest also automatically raise to a horizontal level allowing you to stay comfortable even on long journeys. In addition to the elevated private space, the new 4K monitor, which is 1.3 times larger than previous models, will make it easy to immerse yourself in your favorite inflight movie.

Economy Class

World's highest quality economy class

All-new seating offers generous space and comfort. The unique design includes an adjustable recline that is preset at an angle to provide you with a comfortable experience from the moment you take your seat. When it comes to entertainment, the 13-inch 4K monitor is the largest ever offered in our Economy Class and features Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to enjoy the richness of the onscreen images together with quality sound through your own audio device for an even more immersive experience.


Expansion of inflight meal options.

On First Class and Business Class, you can pre-order from a new healthy and sustainable vegan and vegetarian menu supervised by Chef YONEZAWA Fumio. Also, we offer a wide range of pre-order menus, including Business Class EXPRESS MEAL, as well as Paid Exclusive Meal in Premium Economy and Economy Class.(Image: First Class and Business Class)


A freer, more personalized inflight experience

A new inflight entertainment system allows you to customize your experience prior to departure. And, the seat monitor display will indicate the times for meal services and lights-out so you can plan ahead. Additionally, it is possible to communicate with a cabin attendant through the digital seat monitor for a superior and innovative inflight experience. (Image: First Class and Business Class)


Sustainable experiences created together with customers

The experience of leading to the sustainable future through new products and services
that help protect the environment and promote diverse when considering human resources.

CO₂ emissions are reduced by approximately 25% compared to conventional aircraft. We offer environmentally-friendly flights.

We strive to minimize the use of virgin plastics in our amenity packaging. With JAL, you can experience sustainable air travel initiatives firsthand.

Our goal is to create opportunities for more customers to experience art beyond borders and gender, and to build a society where everyone can shine. Please enjoy the art created by extraordinary artists contracted by Heralbony Inc. on various inflight service items.

A350-1000 Operation Schedule

New York (JFK)toTokyo (HND)

JL003 1:40 Dep. 4:45+1 Arr.
JL005 13:30 Dep. 16:35+1 Arr.

Tokyo (HND)toNew York (JFK)

 JL004 18:30 Dep. 18:30 Arr.
 JL006 11:05 Dep. 11:05 Arr.

Dallas/Fort Worth toTokyo (HND)

JL011 11:05 Dep. 14:40+1 Arr.

Tokyo (HND)toDallas/Fort Worth

JL012 10:55 Dep. 08:40 Arr.
  • A350-1000 will operate every other day on the Haneda-Dallas/Fort Worth route from April 17, 2024 to August 28, 2024 (with some exceptions), and daily on the Haneda-Dallas/Fort Worth route from August 29, 2024.
  • A350-1000 operations daily on JL003 except for July13,16,19,22,25,29, August 5,8,11,14.and JL004 except for July12,15,18,21,24,28, August 4,7,10,13.
  • JAL A350-1000 service scheduled to expand onto HNDLHR (JL044/043) routes within FY2024.
  • Equipment and schedules subject to change. New A350-1000 routes are subject to gov't approval.