JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) Privacy Policy in Korea

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., Korea Regional Office (JAL) shall handle and protect the customers' personal information in accordance with the "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection," the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information," and other applicable laws of Korea and will exercise its best effort to protect the personal information of customers. The JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) Privacy Policy has been set forth by JAL, Korea Regional Office as follows.

1. Items of personal information and method of collection

1) Items of personal information to be collected
JAL collects the following personal information to enable the provision of service.
In addition to mandatory items, optional items are collected from each member in order to provide improved service. In case a member does not agree to submit optional items, these optional items are not collected and there is no limitation on services.

  • 1)  At the time of enrollment
     · Mandatory items: name (in English), date of birth, gender, mailing address(home), telephone number, e-mail address, password
     · Optional items: company name, company address, department, title, company telephone number, fax number, mobile phone number
     · In case of a new member under the age of 14 : name of legal representative, relationship with the new member
  • 2) At the time of flight reservations, ticket issuance and refund:
     · In case of credit card payment: card number, date of expiry, name, security code (CVV number)
     · In case of account transfer: bank name, name of the remitter
     · In case of cash refund: bank name, account number, name of account holder
  • 3) Other information
     · In case of JAL Family Club enrollment : name (in English), relationship with the primary member, JMB membership number, e-mail address
        - In case of payment of initial registration fee by credit card: credit card number, date of expiry, cardholder name
     · In case of Post Credit:
    For JL Japan domestic flights: flight number, flight date, seat number
    For JL International flights/Partner Airlines : flight number, flight date, ticket number/booking class, flight sector additions
    For Hotel Miles: Hotel name, check-in and check-out date, rate for accommodation per 1 person
     · In case of Proxy Registration:
    Mandatory items: name, date of birth, phone number of proxy, relationship with the JMB member
    Optional items: JMB membership number, ID number of the proxy
     · In case of presentation of letter of attorney: name of representative, date of birth, telephone number, relationship with the JMB member
     · In case of inquiry through website: name (in English), e-mail address, telephone number, JMB membership number, date of birth
     · Personal information which is created during service: service record data

2) How personal information is collected
  JAL collects personal information as below.
 · JMB enrollment through JAL's website
 · Collection through the online inquiry board and e-mail
 · Collection through offline tools such as telephone, fax, and postal mail
 · Provision from JMB mileage partner companies
 · Collection through any other tools

2. Purpose of collecting and using personal information

JAL may use personal information submitted by members for the purpose of:

1) JMB enrollment
 · Issuance of JMB membership card, mileage credits, management of award usage, provision of air transportation service, fare payment

2) Member management
 · Identification in case of service use
 · Confirmation of intention for enrollment and restriction of duplicated enrollment
 · Confirmation of consent by the legal representative concerning collection of personal information of children under the age of 14

3) Marketing and advertisement
 · For introduction of new JAL services and fares
 · For introduction of event information concerning the JMB program
 · For product development

4) Other purposes
 · For confirmation of various applications
 · For notification about mileage expiration and flight operation

3. Terms for retaining and using personal information

JAL shall retain and use the personal information based on the consent of the member during the period in which a member maintains his/her membership. In principle, JAL shall cease using any and all collected personal information after withdrawal or disqualification from membership. JAL shall dispose of all of a member's personal information without delay upon the member's request for deletion, upon the completion of the purpose of collecting the personal information, or if JAL closes down its business.
However, JAL may retain personal information during a specified retention period, upon providing notice of the retention period to the user, based on reasons in accordance with the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Transactions and other applicable laws:

1) Records about contract and withdrawal application, payment and supply of goods (5 years)
2) Records of consumer complaints and processing of disputes (3 years)
3) Records of identification (6 months)
4) Records of visits to the JAL website (3 months)

4. Transfer of personal information outside Korea

  • 1) Country and name of entity that will store the personal information: Japan, Japan Airlines Server
  • 2) Transfer date: Immediately
  • 3) Personal information to be stored, purpose and period: Items stated above in sections 1 through 3, except the items listed below.
     · In case of presentation of letter of attorney: name of representative, date of birth, telephone number, relationship with the JMB member

5. Entrustment and provision of personal information to third parties

JAL will not provide personal information to third parties without prior consent of the member unless the provision is stipulated in JMB Rules and Conditions or requested in accordance with applicable laws or regulations.
However, JAL may provide the following personal information to trusted partner companies when members use their services.

1) Name, JMB membership number, FLY ON and JAL Global Club member status, flight boarding information
 · Applicable airlines :
 · Purpose of provision: mileage accumulation, use of award tickets and other ancillary services for FLY ON and JAL Global Club members
 · Terms of maintenance and use of personal information: until partnership contracts terminate

6. Entrustment of management of personal information

JAL entrusts the management of personal information to the following organizations for better services.

1) MEGAZONE: Distribution of e-mails to members
2) COOP Marketing Co., Ltd.: Distribution of SHINSEGAE mobile exchange voucher
3) Korea Post Home-delivery: Distribution service for JAL calendars, diaries, name tags, etc.
4) Toppan Forms Card Technology Co., Ltd.: Issuance and distribution of JMB membership cards
5) DMS Co., Ltd.: Distribution of FLY ON cards and coupons

7. Disposal of personal information

JAL disposes of all personal information immediately after the purpose of its collection has been fulfilled.

  • 1) Disposal procedure
     · JAL disposes of personal information when the specified period has ended as mandated for retention in accordance with internal policy and applicable laws.
  • 2) How personal information is disposed of
     · Personal information printed on paper shall be put through a shredder or incinerated.
     · Personal information stored in the form of an electronic file shall be deleted using a method that will not be able to reproduce its record.

8. Rights of member and legal representatives and the method of exercising these rights

  • 1) It is possible for members or legal representatives to inquire or change or delete their own personal information that is registered as well as the personal information of children under the age of 14.
  • 2) Members and legal representatives are able to change their personal information by visiting the personal information change page or by contacting the JMB Center by phone. The JMB withdrawal form should be filled out in the case of withdrawal by email, postal mail or fax.

9. Measures to secure personal information

JAL takes physical and procedural safeguards as listed below to protect personal information.

  • 1) Encryption of passwords
     · ID and passwords are encrypted to ensure safe storage on our servers.
  • 2) Protection from hacking
     · JAL exerts its utmost effort to safeguard personal information from hacking and viruses.
     · JAL uses anti-virus software and other safeguards to prevent unauthorized access.
  • 3) Education and training for employees.
     · JAL limits access to personal information to a minimal number of employees.
     · Employees use separate passwords and update these passwords regularly.
     · JAL implements frequent education to comply with the personal information policy.

10. Inquiries about personal information, chief privacy officer in Korea

JAL shall assign the following chief privacy officer and relevant office in Korea to protect information and respond to opinions about the handling of personal information.

 · For inquiries and complaints about personal information
JMB Center: TEL02-757-1711, 051-469-1215 or JAL's website or email: seljmb@jal.com
 · Chief privacy officer: SON JUNGSOO (Regional Manager, Korea Sales) TEL02-3788-5730,
email: son.npyk@jal.com
 · Privacy officer: JOO JINMEE (General Manager, JMB Center) TEL 02-757-1711, email: seljmb@jal.com

11. Change to the personal information handling policy

JAL will announce significant additions and deletions by placing a prominent notice on JAL's website 7 days prior to the amendment.

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