Spend 3 Days Exploring Kyushu,Including a Luxurious Stay at the Historic Hirado Castle

Indulge in a well-earned break with this three-day vacation package in Kyushu,less than a two-hour flight from Tokyo. This exclusive package features a plush stay at the historic Hirado Castle for your next once-in-a-lifetime adventure.
Hirado Castle

Explore the scenic depths of the Kyushu region through centuries-old monuments, lavish accommodation, and unforgettable coastal experiences.


Take a three-day guided tour through the Kyushu region and discover why this part of Japan is renowned for its tranquil activities and natural beauty. Led by an English-speaking guide in a chauffeur-driven private car, you’ll be transported to highlights across Nagasaki prefecture.

Headlining this jam-packed itinerary is a rare one-night stay at the historic Hirado Castle.Featuring incredible views across the nearby seaside port, this luxurious accommodation comes complete with a personal chef and contemporary interior design that only elevates your experience.

After completing this wonderful three-day adventure, you’ll have visited many of the region’s top destinations and gained remarkable insight into its fascinating history.

Explore, Dine, and Cruise Your Way Across Kyushu’s Spectacular Regions

Soak up the area’s leisurely way of life and indulge in a well-earned break with this special package tour to Hirado and beyond.

Package Inclusions: 

This package includes the following: 

•Length: 3 days
•Style: Guided tour with chauffeur-driven private car
•Type of Experience: History and culture
•English-speaking assistance: Available
•Trip Type: Couple
•Accommodation: Included
•Meals: Breakfast and dinner at Hirado Castle included
•Transportation: The round-trip flights from Haneda Airport to Nagasaki Airport and transportation within Nagasaki are all included.
•Recommended Season: Spring, Fall, and Winter


After meeting your guide at Nagasaki Airport, you will move to the down town(it takes approximately 50 minutes), followed by lunch. In the afternoon, you will enjoy a four hour sightseeing, which includes the Must-see spots;Glover garden, Oura Cathedral, Peace park, Atomic Bomb Museum, Nagasaki Dejima Harbor etc.

Nagasaki Peace Statue


Following breakfast at hotel, it’s onwards to Hirado.
The second day of this exclusive tour begins to drive to Kasuga no Tanada – the most famous terraced rice fields in Hirado. Set along the base of Mt. Yasumandake, a mountain many consider holy, this spectacular destination offers glimpses of the nearby sea while you’ll gain insight into Japan’s enduring agricultural villages.
Designated as one of Japan’s “important cultural landscapes” for its serene beauty and connection to the country’s so-called Hidden Christians, you’ll discover how a myriad of Christian, Buddhist, and Shinto religious landmarks reveal the area’s storied past.

Kasuga no Tanada

Hirado is the birthplace of Japanese–European trade, which is explored in great depth at the Hirado Dutch Trading Post. Nearby, the Matsura Historical Museum features heirlooms from the clan that ruled the region for 600 years, including samurai swords and ship diagrams.

Hirado Dutch Trading Post
Matsura Historical Museum

Then, you’ll make the short trip to Hirado Castle and your once-in-a-lifetime accommodation. Overlooking the city from its hilltop position, you’ll dine on a full-course meal featuring the best local ingredients.

Hirado Castle stay, guest room

Then, close out the day in your modern two-story apartment, featuring a wine cellar and unmatched views of Hirado Bridge. As only one group stays in Hirado Castle per night, you and your partner will have this unforgettable experience all to yourselves.

Hirado Castle stay, bed room
Hirado Castle stay, seaview bath room


After breakfast at Hirado Castle, you’ll drive to Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort. Providing access to 99 idyllic islands stretching for 25 kilometers from Sasebo Bay to Hirado, this rewarding destination has almost endless incredible scenery to soak up. You’ll enjoy wander the souvenir shops overlooking the pristine waterfront.

Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort

Before departing the mainland, on a 1-hour cruise aboard the Pearl Queen to get a closer look at the islands. In case of rain or operation cancellation, change to Kujukushima Acquarium "Umi Kirara"

Pearl Queen

Once you’re back on land, it’s time to head to Nagasaki Airport and bring this satisfying three-day adventure to a close. With an estimated arrival time of 3:30 PM, you’ll catch your self-arranged return flight to Tokyo Haneda Airport.

View of Nagasaki airport seen from the airplane

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