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Ski Niseko, Japan's Most Famous Ski Resort

Japan Airlines makes it easy to book all-inclusive packages for a snow resort experience that includes flights, transport, accommodation, and optional extras such as meals.
Ski Niseko, the most famous ski resort of Japan

Japan is renowned for many things, but were you aware that it is also a famous ski destination? That's right. Japan is home to Niseko Ski Resort which has been attracting international skiers for years. As a result, this unique ski destination has a truly global feel, making it an even more appealing ski destination for adventurous travelers. Niseko Ski Resort, located in Hokkaido, is Japan's top ski resort loved by locals and travelers alike. 

Niseko Ski Niseko consists of four interlinked ski resorts, all situated on one mountain, making it a skier's paradise. These resorts are:

• Grand Hirafu / Hanazono 
• Niseko Village
• An'nupuri

Since there are four different mountain snow resorts in Niseko, it simply makes sense to experience them all by purchasing the All-Mountain Season Pass from Niseko United. This will give you full access to all parts of the mountain during the ski season. Booking a pre-determined package is the ideal way to travel to the most famous and popular ski resort in Japan.

Please read our step-by-step booking instructions for a smooth booking experience.

Japan Airlines Ski Niseko packages

Japan Airlines Ski Niseko packages

If you're eager to experience the ultimate ski resort vacation in Japan, then Japan Airlines has you covered. That's because Japan Airlines has a dynamic Ski Niseko package that offers you an all-inclusive, done-for-you service that covers every aspect of your trip. This package includes your domestic flights as well as your accommodation and breakfast at Niseko Ski Resort. You can even add optional extras to your packages, such as ground transportation for the duration of your stay. 

Only Japan Airlines offers instant booking ski packages in Japan for all inbound travelers.

Here's what the basic package includes:

• Domestic flights to Chitose Airport in Sapporo from any International Airport in Japan, such as Tokyo International Airport in Haneda Tokyo, Osaka International Airport in Itami Osaka, Kansai International Airport in Osaka or Chubu Centrair Airport in Aichi.
• Comfortable ski resort hotels to choose from.
• A meal plan that consists of breakfast only.

Extra package options that you can add on include:

• One-way ground transportation via either the more affordable Ski Bus or a private chauffeur.

The entire package can be customized according to your preferences to ensure that your Ski Niseko experience is unforgettable. There really isn't another winter sports holiday destination that is comparable to the Hokkaido ski resorts you'll discover in Japan. Plus, selecting a package option through Japan Airlines will ensure that you get an incredible experience that is requires little effort on your part. 

Why is Niseko snow so good?

Why is Niseko snow so good?

So, why exactly is Niseko such a popular ski destination? Well, that's because of the consistency and quality of powder snow the region gets throughout winter. Niseko Ski Resort is located in the northern region of Japan nearby the city of Sapporo. This means that it receives plenty of snowfall. There is an average of 15 meters or more of snow each season, and Hokkaido sometimes receives double that amount. As a result, Ski Niseko's snow season runs from December all the way up to late April. 

Because of this consistent, high-quality snow throughout the season, Niseko Japan offers up some of the best alpine skiing in the world. Niseko Ski Resort is famous among adventure sports enthusiasts for its wide-open powder bowls, exciting tree runs, and of course, unbelievable views of Mt. Yotei. Niseko is ideal for skiers of all levels. There are terrains for beginners, intermediate, and expert skiers to enjoy.

If you're wondering why Niseko snow is so good, it's the japow factor. Japow stands for Japan powder snow, which is some of the best snow you'll find in the world. This powder snow creates excellent skiing and snowboarding conditions. All this is possible because of the amount of snowfall that occurs right throughout the season. Powder snow makes for enjoyable winter sports holidays in Japan that are great value for money when compared to similar experiences at European or American ski resorts.

World-class snow resort

World-class snow resort

Niseko Ski Resort rivals snow resorts that you would find in Europe or America not just because of the excellent quality powder snow but also because of the outstanding hospitality. Between the luxury accommodations, superb dining options, the wide range of activities and events, access to expert trainers for ski lessons, and the festive feel of Niseko Village, you'll never want to leave. Niseko Ski Resort is a true gem and ski destination like no other. 

The long winter season in Hokkaido means that you can visit this world-class snow resort at any time during the season and still enjoy the experience fully. Niseko Ski Resort is the ideal destination for skiers and snowboarders from beginner to expert levels who want to enjoy the good quality snow that can only be found in Japan. It is also a perfect holiday destination for families who want outdoor activity excitement, along with facilities and services that provide luxury and comfort indoors.

Hotel selections

When you book a Ski Niseko package through Japan Airlines, you'll be able to choose a ski resort hotel for your accommodation. Your hotel options currently are:

The Green Leaf Niseko Village – Located at the base of Mount Niseko Annupuri, The Green Leaf Niseko Village lies in the heart of Niseko Village, an internationally acclaimed powder mecca.

Niseko Northern Resort An'nupuri – A mountain ski resort that is located at the base of Niseko Annupuri Mountain but only 10 minutes from the mountaintop via the gondola found adjacent to this luxury hotel.

Hinode Hills Niseko Village – An apartment-style boutique hotel with well-appointed rooms with everything you need for a comfortable extended stay. 

Nikko Style Niseko HANAZONO – "Hotel Niseko Style Niseko HANAZONO" will open in Niseko, a world-renowned ski resort where you can experience top-class powder snow. The hotel is located within HANAZONO Resort, which is one of the ski areas in the foothills of Niseko Annupuri, known as "Niseko United." It is situated adjacent to the gondola, offering a stunning winter landscape with slopes right in front of you.

Transportation: How to get to Niseko

Transportation: How to get to Niseko

Now, you're probably wondering how to go to Niseko, Japan. As a foreign inbound traveler, you'll likely enter Japan through one of the international airports. This could be Tokyo International Airport in Tokyo Haneda, Osaka International Airport in Itami, Kansai International Airport in Osaka, or Chubu Centrair International Airport in Aichi. Therefore, you'll need to take a domestic flight from one of these airports to Chitose Airport in Hokkaido in order to reach Niseko. Your domestic flights will be included in your Ski Niseko package with Japan Airlines.

You can opt to add ground transportation from the airport to your ski resort hotel and back onto your package. This will make it easier to get to Niseko Ski Resort from Chitose Airport in Sapporo. These transfers can be on a ski resort bus or a private transfer, depending on the option you select. The transfer service offered from Chitose Airport gives you easy access to all the hotels at Niseko Ski Resort. 

If you choose the ski bus, keep in mind that the frequency of the bus program depends on the plane arrival times at the airport. But generally, the ski bus departs every hour. Alternatively, if you opt for a private transfer, a van or a car will be waiting for you at the airport upon arrival. This is a more convenient choice if you are traveling as a family or just prefer a luxury travel experience.

Book your Niseko ski package

Book your Niseko ski package

If you're ready to make your winter wonderland dreams come true, then it may be time to head to Japan. Snow season is right around the corner, and you won't find a better destination to go skiing or snowboarding. Make your experience seamless by booking a Japan Airlines Ski Niseko package at the most famous ski resort in the country. Let Japan Airlines take care of your air and ground transport, accommodation, meals, and even your time on the slopes as you enjoy a winter experience like no other.

Please read our step-by-step booking instructions for a smooth booking experience.

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