Accumulating JMB miles

Hotel Reservation

  1. Mileage will be credited only if the hotel reservation is made by the referral from JAL website to the listed online hotel booking partners. Please click the icon of the hotel booking partner on the previous webpage and proceed to complete your hotel booking.
  2. Mileage will be credited to one booking only per stay, regardless of the number of night, room type, or numbers of rooms occupied. A stay at the same hotel for more than 1 night is still considered as "1 stay".
  3. JMB membership number and member's name are required to input to the designated columns while making hotel reservation online.
    Mileage will NOT be credited if the JMB member's name provided is different from the guest name of hotel stay.
  4. Any correction/amendment to the provided personal information will not be accepted. Please input your information carefully to ensure successful mileage credit.
  5. Mileage will be reflected in your account within 1-3 months after hotel stay.
  6. Request of post-stay mileage credit will NOT be accepted.
  7. To know whether the hotel reserved through the our online hotel booking partner is also eligible for "Hotel Mileage" accumulation or not, please check with the respective hotel.

Car Rental

  1. Only the JMB member who signs the rental car contract will receive miles.
  2. To accumulate mileage from Times Car RENTAL, JMB membership card is required to present at the car rental station.
  3. Some countries/areas may not be eligible.
  4. For more information regarding age restrictions and other applicable terms and conditions, contact the rental car company directly.
  5. Rentals involving, other discount services or awards, corporate rates, package tours offered by travel agencies, or coupons will not be eligible for mileage accumulation.

For JMB mileage enquiries:
JAL Mileage Bank Center, Japan