Hana Members

Hana Members

HANA Money Points* can be exchanged for JAL mileage.

* Hana Money Point is the point program, you can accumulated according to the usage of the credit cards which is issued by HANA Bank. It can be easily and conveniently earned/burned through not only card usage but also through other various means such as point conversion with other membership loyalty points.

Calculating mileage

26 Hana Money Points = 1 Mile

How to accumulate mileage

Log in to Hana Members App and navigate to the Point Transfer section, you can exchange the HANA money Points to JAL miles.

  • * Mileage will be credit in about a month.

Download the Hana Members iPhone, iPad or Android Apps.

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Please note that the Hana Members App is only available in Korean.

For inquiries

TEL: In Korea: 1-800-0000, Overseas: +82 1800 0000. Only available in Korean from 9:00AM – 6:00PM Korea time.

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