Ctrip.com International, Ltd

Ctrip.com International, Ltd

As China's leading travel service enterprise, Ctrip provides over 50 million registered members with comprehensive services including hotel reservations, flight ticketing, packaged tours and corporate travel management. In addition, both business and leisure travelers who hold Ctrip memberships enjoy access to travel information and special discounts from preferred businesses throughout China.

Calculating mileage

1 mile for every 6 RMB spent on hotel bookings
*Increments of less than 6 RMB will be rounded down.
*Taxes, service charge and food/drink are not applicable.
*Hotel bookings and stays of your family and friends will be eligible for mileage accumulation.

How to accumulate mileage

<Reservations through the JAL website>
Please access the "JAL special login site" in the Ctrip website and then enter your JMB membership number and password* to make hotel reservations. Mileage will be accumulated after login, reservations filling the promotion code "JAL" in the reservation page and stay at hotel.
JAL login site http://www.ctrip.com/c/jal (only English and Chinese)
*Password is different from JMB password. How to register for the Ctrip website password (Chinese only)


  • 1.Miles will be accumulated within 2-3 months.
  • 2.Post credit is not permitted.

For inquiries

Ctrip.com International, Ltd
URL: http://www.ctrip.com/c/jal (Chinese and English)
TEL: Chinese Language:

  • Mainland China: 400-820-3300
  • Outside Mainland China: (86 21) 3224 4533
  • Hongkong: (852) 3610 6666

      English Language:

  • Mainland China: 400 619 9999
  • Outside Mainland China: (86 21) 3210 4669

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