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Enjoy Japan's Outdoor Winter Wonderland in Furano

Discover a winter wonderland where epic powdery slopes are yours to conquer in Furano, Central Hokkaido's globally-renowned snow sports recreation destination.
Fun in Furano what you need to know about Hokkaido's winter sports wonderland

Alpine ranges that stretch into the sky, temperatures that dip to 10-degree celsius in the winter season, and a dry climate are the perfect recipe for the ultimate ski conditions and exceptional powder. Bundle up with your scarves and gloves because that’s exactly what you’ll encounter in Furano Hokkaido, Japan, one of the country's many world-class ski resort destinations.

While Furano draws in crowds of Japanese tourists for its sweeping, picturesque lavender fields at Tomita Lavender Farm in the summer months, as soon as the weather cools and the season changes, the charming alpine city transforms into a popular winter sports hotspot. 

The JAL dynamic package offers an all-inclusive service that includes round-trip tickets for your flights and accommodations with breakfast. You can also take advantage of optional services that include everything from your lift tickets to transportation. 

Japan Airlines is the only airline that offers convenient instant booking and ski packages in Japan for inbound travelers looking to plan their next adventure.

Planning made easy: JAL package details:

• Flight: Round-trip domestic flight from Tokyo to Asahikawa Airport.
• Duration: Choose your own designed length of stay. The duration of Japan Airlines tour packages is entirely up to the customer.  
• Accommodations: The luxury New Furano Prince Hotel is the JAL accommodation of choice and offers easy access to the slopes.
• Meal plan: Breakfast only

Package options: 
• Transportation: Convenient transportation options from the airport to the ski resort with optional services that include ski buses and private transfers. The ski bus departs one time a day from the Asahikawa Airport. When booking a private transfer, travelers will be picked up in a car or van that is ready upon their arrival at the airport. 

Furano Ski Resort history

Furano Ski Resort history

Furano Ski Resort first gained global acclaim when it first opened in the early 1960s. Since opening, the snow sports mecca has hosted dozens of international events and championships, drawing even more attention to the Hokkaido Prefecture mountain town.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a championship competitor with years of practice to experience the fresh powder that Furano Ski Area’s slopes are so famous for. 

Family-friendly skiing in Furano

Family-friendly skiing in Furano

Not just for the adrenaline-seeking skier and snowboarder crowds, Furano is regarded as a family-friendly vacation destination. With amenities and offerings suitable for both kids and the entire family available at Family Snowland that run the gamut from sledding and snow tubing to nighttime flights in hot air balloons, Furano is an ideal locale for your next family vacation.

Whether you are just a beginner or a seasoned, skilled expert, Furano Ski Resort is ideal for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities and skill levels, from groups and families to solo powder hounds and off-piste skiers. 

Ready to slip away to the slopes? Here’s everything you need to know about Furano, Central Hokkaido’s finest winter sports wonderland. 

Cool conditions fresh powder, fewer crowds, and ease of accessibility make Furano a first-class ski destination

Cool conditions: fresh powder, fewer crowds, and ease of accessibility make Furano a first-class ski destination

Furano is one of Japan’s best-kept secrets when it comes to winter recreation. Unlike its popular counterparts that include ski destinations like well-known coastal Niseko, Furano Ski Resort is known to have fewer crowds during the peak season, and some would even say better powder, receiving an average of two meters of snowfall each season. It is not uncommon to experience knee-deep or even waist-high snow conditions here.

And with all that annual winter season snowfall, you might expect to encounter gloomy dark skies and low-visibility when you’re on the slopes. Well, quite the contrary, you can experience sunny skies and clear visibility on the slopes at Furano Ski Resort on most days throughout the ski season.

Visit Furano City

In addition to its prime skiing conditions, Furano City at the base of the mountains is brimming with shops, convenience stores, eateries, supermarkets, and vending machines within walking distance from the train station and are notably more affordable than what you might find in high-profile Niseko. 

Additionally, Furano is positioned in an ideal location for day trips to neighboring ski resorts such as Tomamu Hoshino, Asahidake, and Kamui Ski Link, if you’re up for even more adventure. So, consider Furano your basecamp and gateway to Japan’s premier ski destinations. 

Furano Ski Resort opening dates: On average, the Furano snow season begins in late November and reaches into early May. While the season may be long, the best conditions are said to be throughout the months of December to February, with the holidays being some of the area’s most busy times of the year. Peak traffic times include Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, and early January. 

Getting around Furano Ski Resort and Furano City: Furano Ski Resort is also highly accessible. Winter recreators can get to the slopes in no time, and every place in-between, by way of a shuttle bus, taxi, or train. Plus, with the shops, restaurants, and stores located in Furano City, whatever items you need, whether it's a pair of gloves or snacks for the slopes, are right at your fingertips.

Contemporary comforts Furano Ski Area offers modern amenities, restaurants, and much more

Contemporary comforts: Furano Ski Area offers modern amenities, restaurants, and much more

Furano, Japan, competes with some of the world’s most impressive winter sports areas and top ski resorts. In fact, Furano is considered Central Hokkaido’s premier ski resort. And for good reason, too. 

Furano Ski Resort

Furano Ski Resort boasts an impressive 11 high-speed ski lifts that serve two connected mountain peaks. And with numerous ski runs to conquer and an adrenaline-inducing 840-meter vertical descent, Furano effortlessly ticks all the boxes when it comes to great skiing. 

While sunny skies and impeccable visibility make this ski destination stand out from other resorts, the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Night skiing is available on each side of the mountain. And the Kitanomine Furano gondola and high-speed lifts can get you to the top in no time at all. Once you’re there, it’s time for the fun part — going down!

Things to do in Furano City

When it is finally time to call it a day, or night even, getting back to your accommodations is stress-free and simple. Furano City and Furano Ski Area offer slopeside hotels, hostels, and rentable homes, and no shortage of amenities, so you don’t have to take time away from your day on the slopes to make compromises when it comes to traveling to and from your accommodations on the mountain. 

There is certainly no doubt that you will work up quite the appetite after a day of conquering the slopes and backcountry piste-powder runs. Refuel in Furano City at a local restaurant with a steamy meal of hotpot, a soupy stew commonly made with meat and potatoes cooked in a tightly covered pot. You can also find restaurants that specialize in delicious barbecue, hearty curries, tasty sushi, and traditional Japanese soup noodles that are sure to satisfy your rumbling stomach after a day on the mountain, all located conveniently throughout Furano City.

Plan your trip to Furano Ski Resort with JAL today

Plan your trip to Furano Ski Resort with JAL today

Ready to ski like the pros and hit the snow-covered slopes? Plan your winter season ski trip of a lifetime to Furano Ski Area with Japan Airlines. 

From your departure to your arrival, Japan Airlines is there to make your travel experience one to remember. Learn more about Furano, Japan, and book your next trip today with JAL.

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