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The New JAL Group Launches a New Look for the 21st century
"The Arc of the Sun" a joint release from Japan Airlines and Japan Air System
September 18, 2002

Tokyo September 18: Japan Airlines and Japan Air System, currently working towards complete integration, have decided on sweeping changes in brand identity, with a new logo and a new aircraft livery to be introduced from the formal foundation of the new JAL Group on October 2. On that date, phase one of the JAL/JAS integration gets under way when the two airlines establish a new holding company, Japan Airlines System Corporation.

Soon after October 2 the new designs will be gradually introduced at the airlines' airport counters and city offices in Japan and around the world. The first aircraft in the new livery - a B777-200 - takes to the skies of Japan on domestic routes in November. On international routes, the first aircraft to sport the new design will be a DC-10 in December, operating on Asia-Pacific routes.

The new brand identity will be phased in throughout the new JAL Group's services and products, extending soon to JAL Card, the group's credit card, and the new JAL Mileage Bank membership cards. The new branding will also be incorporated in the logos of other JAL Group member companies. In April 2004, when the integration is completed, there will be new uniforms for cabin attendants, designed by Yoshie Inaba, a leading Japanese fashion designer who designed the current JAL cabin attendants uniforms introduced in 1996. There also will be new uniforms for cockpit crew and ground staff, presenting customers with a new and refreshing appearance throughout.
The Basic Concept of the New JAL Group Brand

We will continually strive to achieve new values through our products and services in order to spread the joy of flying in the skies of the world. This is our company's vision
The New JAL's Brand Identity Design Concept
Fundamental Concept
We have developed the new JAL brand identity as a global design worthy to represent JAL's position as Japan's leading airline in the 21st Century.

Theme: The Arc of the Sun

JAL Mark
The Arc that reaches dynamically towards the sky represents the Sun. It embodies two key concepts
(1) the strength of the new JAL's Skyward Dreams and (2) the feeling of joy experienced by satisfied passengers. The commanding bold print of the logo itself represents JAL strong belief in constant improvement.

The basic color scheme of this new JAL mark is red, silver and black. Red is the symbolic color of Japan and emphasizes the two key concepts of Skyward Dreams and Joy. Silver expresses professionalism, quality, innovation and the highest safety standards, which are JAL's proud responsibilities. The black font represents dependability and versatility.

JAL Mark image (PDF)

Aircraft livery
The new aircraft livery has an off-white base firmly emphasizing the logo on the forward section of the fuselage. Moreover, the basic theme of the Sun is boldly located on the tail fin, declaring JAL's position as Japan's representative airline. As with the JAL mark, the Sun's red and silver colors represent strong emotions and high quality.

The new brand identity is an integrated symbol representing all the JAL Group employees working together to be an air transportation group valued by customers under the five corporate principles of the new JAL Group, starting with the fundamental pursuit of the highest quality in operational safety.

JAL Aircraft image (PDF)

Corporate Principles of the New JAL Group

(1) To pursue the world's top quality in airline safety and reliability
(2) To maximize corporate value for returns to all stakeholders
(3) To improve service from the customer's viewpoint
(4) To be a good corporate citizen, with transparency in business and by contributing to society
(5) To establish a corporate climate based on ability and challenge.
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