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Tokyo October 1, 2004: Japan Airlines will introduce a new Boeing 747-400 freighter aircraft to its fleet on October 25. By the end of FY2006 JAL now plans to acquire a total of five 747-400 freighter aircraft, both new models and conversions.

The Boeing 747-400F was introduced in 1993 and offers a 6.0% structural payload improvement on conventional 747 freighters and a cargo hold capacity increase of 3.0%. To date there are 90 in service worldwide. In addition the 747-400 freighter has quieter engines than older 747 freighter models and complies with noise restrictions now being enforced in many countries. JAL will take delivery of the new freighter (registration JA401J) on October 12 and it will make its first commercial flight on the Narita-Kansai route on October 25.

A second new 747-400 freighter will be delivered in November.

The two new freighters feature polished skins instead of the conventional JAL white-painted fuselage livery. JAL has had one 747F freighter with a polished skin in service since 1992. In JAL's current medium range business plan covering the 2004-2006 fiscal years, the airline planned to acquire these two new freighter aircraft and convert three passenger 747-400 to freighters, totaling five aircraft. The third conversion will now enter service in FY2007. In addition to the three confirmed conversions, JAL also has options with Boeing for four more passenger aircraft conversions.

The current JAL freighter fleet consists of 10 conventional 747 freighters but by the end of FY2006 (March 2007) the airline plans to have a total of 13 freighter aircraft, five B747-400F types and eight conventional aircraft, greatly increasing the airline's freight capacity.

Photograph courtesy of Boeing.
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