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Tokyo February 17: Tokyo party organizers looking for a new approach for making presentations, new product launches, school reunions - or just having fun - can now take advantage of a special flight charter and buffet banquet package plan jointly launched by Japan Airlines and the Hotel Nikko Tokyo.

For a package price of ¥7,500,000, (about US$71,430) up to 290 people can enjoy a one-hour flight in the Tokyo Bay area in a JAL Boeing 767 or Airbus A300, followed by a buffet reception at the Hotel Nikko Tokyo, the flagship property of JAL Hotels Co. Ltd., the JAL Group hotel operating company.

The first such charter flight and banquet package to be offered in Japan, the JAL Group joint plan's price also includes chartered bus transport from downtown Tokyo to Haneda Airport and, after the flight, to the hotel located in the Tokyo Daiba waterfront area.

In-flight services available for party organizers during the one-hour junket flight include use of the aircraft entertainment video systems for presentations or movie previews, special music programmes, such as company or school songs, use of the aircraft personal address system for special announcements and soft drink service.. Seat headrest covers with the charterer's logo are also available.

The hotel's banquet sales office has already received a number of serious enquiries and hopes for a sale in the near future.
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