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JAL Group FY2006 Route, Frequency and Fleet Plan
Tokyo February 6, 2006: The JAL Group announced today its route, frequency and plan for fiscal year 2006, the year beginning April 1, 2006 through to March 31, 2007.

The JAL Group will continue restructuring its international, domestic and cargo businesses to build a more profitfocused network, aiming to return its international passenger business to profitability in FY2006. As outlined in its Medium-Term Corporate Plan FY2005-2007, JAL plans to build a stable business foundation capable of producing profits even in the face of factors such as rising fuel costs.

International Passenger
On international passenger routes, JAL will focus its resources on high profit and high growth routes, while suspending unprofitable routes. An income improvement of 8 billion yen is expected to result from route suspensions, flight frequency adjustments, and a review of aircraft scheduling contained in the FY2006 plan.

In FY2006, JAL will increase the number of flights between Tokyo and Chicago, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Taipei. The airline will suspend its Tokyo-Las Vegas route, daily Osaka - Los Angeles route, and two of its routes linking Seoul to two regional cities in Japan. Flight frequency will be reduced on JAL's Tokyo - London and Tokyo - Bangkok routes.

JAL will also continue expanding the international role of its low-overhead subsidiary JALways to secure further cost-competitiveness. JALways will take over flight operations on the Tokyo - Jakarta route from March 26, 2006, and from October 1, 2006 flight operations on Tokyo - Ho Chi Minh, Tokyo - Hanoi, Osaka - Hanoi, and Tokyo - Sydney routes.

JAL will expand the operations of domestic subsidiary JAL Express by the transfer of three MD-81 aircraft to that airline.

Fleet and Equipment Changes
During FY2006, JAL will also accelerate fleet downsizing. In total, six B747 ÔClassic' models will be retired from international and domestic service. On domestic routes three A300's will be retired, as well as four YS11 type aircraft.

To improve passenger comfort, increase efficiency and reduce costs, more fuel-efficient, environmental-friendly aircraft will be introduced including medium-sized B777-300ER and B767-300 aircraft on international routes, and B737-800 aircraft on domestic routes.

JAL's award-winning business class seat, the Shell Flat seat, will be introduced onto more international routes: Tokyo - Amsterdam, Osaka - London, Tokyo - Chicago (all flights) and Tokyo - SingaporeiJL719/710j. On domestic routes the airline will also expand by 43% the number of class J seats, domestic business class.

International Cargo
The airline group will expand its cargo business operations by introducing to its fleet two 747-400 freighters (converted from passenger versions). Flights will be increased on all routes, particularly those serving Narita airport: 51 flights per week at the end of FY05 up to 61 flights per week by the end of FY2006. After June 2006, direct services to Europe and the west coast of the USA will be gradually introduced to better respond to market trends and meet customer demand.

a) Flight Frequency Increases
Route Frequency Increase Date Effective
Tokyo - Chicago Increase from 10 to 14 flights per week.
(Twice daily service comes into effect).
From March 26, 2006
Tokyo - Los Angeles Increase from 7 to 8 flights per week.
(Two flights on Saturday).
From April 1 to October 28, 2006
Tokyo - Vancouver Increase from 7 to 11 flights per week. From July 1 to August 31, 2006
Tokyo - Moscow Increase from 2 to 3 flights per week.
(New Summer only season increase).
From June 4 to September 24, 2006
Tokyo - Taipei
(JALways operation)
Increase from 21 to 28 flights per week.
(15 x B747 Class type aircraft to be replaced by newer B747-400 aircraft: 8 from August 2006/ 7 from October 2006).
From March 26, 2006
b) Route Suspensions
Route Current Flights Suspension Effective Date
Tokyo - Las Vegas - Los Angeles - Tokyo 3 flights per week using B747-400
(Started Oct 1998)
From September 30, 2006
Osaka - Los Angeles 7 flights per week using B747-400
(Started Sep 1994)
From October 1, 2006
Komatsu - Seoul 4 flights per week using B767
(Started Dec 1979)
From March 26, 2006
Hiroshima - Seoul 3 flights per week using B767
(Started July 1991)
From March 24, 2006
c) Flight Frequency Reductions
Route Reduction Details Date Effective
Tokyo - London From 14 to 7 flights per week.
(Suspension of JL403/404)
From March 26, 2006
Tokyo - Bangkok From 21 to 14 flights per week.
(Suspension of JO703/704)
From March 26, 2006
d) Expanded Operation of B777 on Europe Routes
Route Flight No. Frequency Current Aircraft Aircraft Introduction Date Effective
Osaka - London JL421/ 422 7 flights per week 747-400 B777-200ER From March 26, 2006
Tokyo - Paris JL405/ 406 7 flights per week 747-400 B777-300ER From September 1, 2006
Tokyo - Amsterdam JL411/ 412 7 flights per week 747-400 B777-200ER From October 29, 006
e) Other
Route Change Details Date Effective
Osaka -Taipei Aircraft change 747 Classic to 747-400 From October 1, 2006
Tokyo - Jakarta,
Tokyo - Denpasar
Route change Routes to be combined to make a single routing of Tokyo- Jakarta- Denpasar- Tokyo From March 26 to June 30, 2006

a) Haneda Routes
- Suspension of Toyama route at the end of FY2005.
- Flights will be increased on Kochi, Miyazaki, and Tokushima routes during FY2006.
- The number of class J seats available on aircraft operating on Itami (Osaka) and Fukuoka routes, will be increased due to high business demand.
- To obtain a better overall balance between supply and demand, the number and size of aircraft used on Sapporo routes will be reduced.
- Larger-sized aircraft will be operated on Okinawa routes due to steady demand.
- Aircraft and frequency will be adjusted according to seasonal demand on such Hokkaido routes as Momanbetsu, Kushiro, and Obihiro.

b) Itami, Kansai International, Kobe Routes
As a result of reduced jet flight slots at Itami airport, the number of turbo-prop flights will be increased. There will be an overall increase in flights on Kansai routes.Flights between Itami - Narita will be increased after October.

We will closely watch changes in passenger traffic after the opening of Kobe Airport, and review overall operations in the Kansai area, including Itami and Kansai International, as required.

c) Nagoya Routes
- Operate large-sized aircraft (747 and 747-400) on Sapporo and Okinawa routes
- Increase flights on Sendai and Kagoshima routes

3) INTERNATIONAL CARGO PLAN (747F freighter flights).
Route Increase Details Date Effective
Tokyo - Anchorage - Los Angeles 0 to 1 flight per week Increase From March 26, 2006
Tokyo - Anchorage - New York 3 to 4 flights per week Increase From June 4, 2006
Tokyo - Anchorage - Chicago 0 to 2 flights per week Flight increase From June 1 - Aug 31, 2006
2 to 4 flights per week Sept 1 - Nov 30, 2006
0 to 4 flights per week Jan 1 - Mar 26, 2007
Tokyo - Los Angeles 0 to 1 flight per week Flight increase. (Non-stop operation using 747-400) From June 5, 2006
Tokyo - San Francisco - Los Angeles 0 to 2 flights per week Direct flight from Tokyo to San Francisco using 747-400 established From January 1, 2007
Tokyo - Anchorage - San Francisco - Los Angeles 2 to 0 flights per week
Tokyo - Bangkok - Manila - Tokyo 2 flights per week Newly established From September 1, 2006
Tokyo - Seoul 0 to 1flight per week Expansion From June 2, 2006
Tokyo - Taipei 4 to 5 flights per week Expansion From November 4, 2006
4) JAL GROUP FLEET PLAN FY 2006 (April 1, 2006 - March 31, 2007)
At the end of FY2006, the JAL Group fleet total will be 275 aircraft (4 less than at the end FY2005).

Retirement 6 x B747 3 x A300-B2/B4 4 x YS11 Total: 13
Introductions 2 x 777-300ER 1 x 767-300ER 3 x 737-800 Total: 9
2 x DASH8-400 1 x DASH8-300
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