Inclusion & Diversity

At JAL we live our commitment to diversity every day. Women and ethnic minorities hold positions of high responsibility throughout the company. Moreover, as a foreign-based company successfully doing in business in the U.S., JAL is uniquely attuned to the importance of understanding and respecting people of differing backgrounds, beliefs, and points of view.
JAL is committed to creating a work environment that values and acknowledges the contributions of all its members. As a global company, JAL understands that its success in the twenty-first century depends on its ability to serve people from all races, cultures, and beliefs. We cannot serve our customers, unless we fully understand their needs. To this end, JAL continually works to build a workforce representative of all the communities we serve. JAL also understand that sometimes the most innovative ideas arise from employees whose unique backgrounds allow them to view our business from a fresh perspective. That is why JAL constantly strives to create a work culture that values the contributions and opinions of men and women of all nationalities, ethnic groups, and beliefs.
(1) JAL's Commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity
It is the policy of JAL to employ qualified persons of the greatest ability without discrimination against any applicant for employment or promotion because of sex, color, race, ancestry, religion, creed, national origin, age, disability, medical condition, pregnancy, marital status, military or veteran status, citizenship status, sexual orientation, political belief or any other protected group status as defined by law.
JAL will proactively seek to ensure its equal employment opportunity policy is enforced including:
1.  JAL will recruit, hire, train, and promote qualified persons in all job titles, without regard to protected group status;
2.  JAL will base decisions on employment so as to further the principle of equal employment opportunity;
3.  JAL will insure that promotion decisions are in accord with principles of equal employment opportunity by imposing only valid requirements for promotional opportunities;
4.  JAL will insure that all personnel actions such as compensation, benefits, transfer, layoffs, return from layoff, company-sponsored training, education, tuition assistance social and recreational programs, will be administered without regard to protected group status.
5.  JAL will ensure that all of the above principles are applied in the selection of its vendors and contractors.
(2) Supplier Diversity
JAL's strong commitment to diversity in its U.S. operations and its operations throughout the world is reflected in the diversity of its supplier network. JAL is committed to seeking out suppliers from among all ethnicities and nations that it serves. In the U.S., this commitment is expressed in JAL's partnerships with multiple minority and female owned businesses, ranging from printers who supply information in multiple Asian languages to caterers who provide the meals served on JAL's flights from U.S. JAL welcomes all female and minority-owned business that would like to bid on JAL contracts to contact JAL for additional information on JAL's product standards and for assistance with JAL's procurement process.

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