Beauty services

You earn miles by the services offered by JMB partner companies.
When using the service, please provide your JMB membership number for mileage accual.

  • *Any services at discounted prices will not be eligible for mileage accual.
  • *Retroactive mileage credit is not allowed unless otherwise determined by us.
  • *Miles will be credited to your JMB account in approximately 2-3 months.

JALCARD contract stores

JALCARD contract stores

You can earn double mileage when you shop using your JALCARD at any one of the JALCARD contract stores.

East Asia

Seoul, etc.


KRW1,000 = 1 mile

'LK SPA' is established since APR, 2011 in the center of Seoul to be the best Korean high quality style spa with attractive equipments and bilingual staff. You can relax and enjoy comfortable spa experience.


Taipei, Kaohsiung, etc.


TWD50 = 1 mile

Miraku Health Centre is run by Mr. Namba Tetsuya who has acquired mastery of comprehensive message by implementing all sorts of massage and medical wellness techniques in Taipei, Tokyo and Shanghai. With us, you can maintain your privacy and at the same time we provide you kindness, coziness, dignity, hospitality and freedom services.


Beijing, Shanghai, etc.


10RMB = 1 mile

We have had a business alliance with Wat Pho Thai Traditional Medical School that was opened in Wat Pho. We introduce the home of Thai traditional massage skills. Thai traditional massage is effective for not only stiff necks and back pains, but also mental stresses. Please enjoy our Thai traditional massage to heal your physical and mental stresses.

This partnership will be terminated as of 31 October, 2021.



Face Plus by Yamano Singapore

SGD5 = 1 mile

Japan's No.1 Facial Salon since 1925 has now reached in Singapore. We are delivering esthetic life to every woman. All ladies enrich your life with the Yamano aesthetic experience. From person to person, hand to hand, heart to heart...
We promise happiness with our pursuit of the ideal feminine beauty.



SGD5 = 1 mile

A New Jeric, A New Reds To serve you the best possible, our hand-picked stylists are trained to translate ordinary techniques into refine art, elevating the finished look beyond the experience of trend-setting showmanship.



76 STYLE Hair Salon

RM100 = 10 miles

Tokyo is the street fashion capital of the world, making it a perfect conduit for transmitting fashion trends to the rest of Asia. Numbers have no language, and are truly universal, that's why 76 is our code number to spread these trends to the rest of Asia. Just as the image of 76 transcends all languages, our fashion sense will transcend the world.

This partnership will be terminated as of 30 November, 2021.