Fuel Surcharge

The applicable fuel surcharge level will be determined by multiplying the two-month average fuel price*1 of the Singapore Kerosene by the exchange rates average of the same two-month and will be fixed for two months as below*2. In case of changing the fuel surcharge, we will apply for the government approvals of the applicable country to amend it. If the two-month average fuel price falls below JPY6,000, we will not collect fuel surcharge.

  • *1 Days when the Singapore kerosene market was open
  • *2 Applicable amounts, amended time, and the period are subject to change depending on the government approvals.

Period for application and revision

Ticketing date Announcement Evaluating period for the average fuel price Applicable fuel surcharge
April - May 2nd half of February The average from December to January The list shown below
June - July 2nd half of April The average from February to March
August - September 2nd half of June The average from April to May
October - November 2nd half of August The average from June to July
December - January 2nd half of October The average from August to September
February - March 2nd half of December The average from October to November

Chart of application for fiscal 2017 (between April, 2017 and March, 2018)

Applicable for each JAL's segment from/to Japan per person
Higher Zones will be published when the price of the Singapore Kerosene increases

travel originating in Japan

Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D Zone E
JPY6,000 or more less than JPY7,000 JPY7,000 or more less than JPY8,000 JPY8,000 or more less than JPY9,000 JPY9,000 or more less than JPY10,000 JPY10,000 or more less than JPY11,000
Japan - Korea, Far East Russia JPY200 JPY300 JPY500 JPY1,000 JPY1,500
Japan - China, Taiwan, Hong Kong JPY500 JPY1,500 JPY2,500 JPY3,500 JPY4,500
Japan - Guam, Philippines, Palau, Vietnam JPY1,000 JPY2,000 JPY3,000 JPY4,000 JPY5,000
Japan - Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia JPY1,500 JPY3,000 JPY4,500 JPY6,500 JPY8,500
Japan - Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Hawaii JPY2,000 JPY4,000 JPY6,000 JPY8,500 JPY11,000
Japan - North America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania JPY3,500 JPY7,000 JPY10,500 JPY14,000 JPY17,500

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