Multiple Search of Hotels

The multiple search feature enables you to search the contents of two hotel reservation sites, in order to find information about vacancies and the approximate cost of stay. Reservations booked through these sites are eligible for hotel reservation mileage points when you stay at the hotel.

Partner Sites
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Four Benefits
No.1 An easier way to search—find hotels from multiple hotel reservation sites with one click.
Only hotels with matching vacancies are shown, which saves you the trouble of checking for room availability. Compare and choose from hotels that match your travel plans.
No.2 Search rooms from more than 500 hotel properties.
No.3 One-click access to reservation pages
From the search results, go directly to the reservation screen for the hotel of your choosing. It's just one click away.
No.4 Sortable results.
Sort your search results by price, mileage point, or hotel name. Also learn about special promotions and offers from the search results page.
Performing a Multiple Search
1) Specify check-in date, length of stay, room type, budget, class(number of stars) and city, and click the Search button.
2) Your search results are displayed.
· Some search criteria you enter may not be supported by hotel reservation sites. Multiple search results are provided for your reference only. Please check the specifics of your booking with each site when making a reservation. Your reservation is between you and the partner site or hotel.
· You may be required to register with some hotel reservation sites in order to access their service. Registration is free.
· Search results from hotel reservation sites may not match your search criteria exactly, due to unsupported search criteria.
· In order to use this service, you must have your browser set to accept cookies and enable JavaScript.
· For information about accumulation of JMB hotel reservation mileage points, This page will open in a new windowclick here.
· To inquire details regarding hotel reservations, please contact the concerned hotel site.

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