E-mail notification (international flight)

Register your e-mail to receive notification about your flight booking, boarding information, flight operation status timely.
The e-mail notification that you can receive may differ depending where your booking was made.

Symbols that can be used in e-mail address will be limited to period (.), hyphen (-), underscore (_), and at-sign (@).

E-mail type and registration

E-mail about any changes in your reserved flight

The details provided in this e-mail are as follows.
Please note, if there is an important matter to communicate with regards to your booking, we may contact you by e-mail.

  • Notification of schedule change or flight cancellation
  • Notification of seat number change
  • When a seat is available from a waitlist
  • Boarding information

E-mail about flight operation on/before departure date

The details provided in this e-mail are as follows.

  • Flight cancellation
  • Delay (more than 30 minutes from the departure time)
    • *When a flight is delayed by more than 30 minutes, we will inform you of the estimated arrival time at the destination.
  • Turning back or a change in the destination
  • Restarting service after turning back or a change in the destination
    • *If the flight turns back to the departure airport, or if service is restarted after arriving at a place that was not the original destination, we will notify you of the estimated times for departure and arrival.

You can always check the latest flight news and operation information on the JAL website.

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How to register and change your e-mail address

You may register your e-mail address with the following procedure.

  1. Register e-mail address from "Related service" on "Booking details" screen.
    You may also change or add e-mail address from the same screen.
  2. Register e-mail address to JMB membership profile
    If you have registered an e-mail address in JMB member information, and set your preference to receive for notification e-mails about international flight information, you will receive this e-mail.
    To change the e-mail address, please login to your JMB profile on the JAL website and change from the membership information menu.

Notes about e-mail notifications of flight change or operation information

  • Multiple e-mails might be sent with details about the same flight.
  • E-mails might be delivered early in the morning or late at night.
  • Information about codeshare flights operated by other airline is not included in the e-mail notification. For the latest information, please check the website of the relevant airline.
  • E-mail might not be delivered in some occasions.

E-mail never arrived?

  • Check if the e-mail address you provided is correct.
  • Please check your e-mail settings for the blocking of domains and individual e-mail addresses.
    "Ensure that your e-mail settings are not blocking the following domains or e-mail addresses:no_reply@jal.com, tktdial@jal.co.jp, jmbi_auto@jal.com, jalmailservice@jal.com"
  • Is the storage of your e-mail inbox full?
  • Was the e-mail automatically filtered to your junk folder?

What if you get an e-mail that you have no idea about?

It is possible that someone else registered your email address by mistake.
Please check "What to do if you receive an e-mail that you do not recognize" for details.

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