A Joint Collaborative Project "HOKKAIDO TAKARA MUSUBI PROJECT"


Connecting “TAKARA (Treasures)” - nature, people, food, and culture in Hokkaido

There are six national parks and 179 cities, towns, and villages on the 83,450 km² of land in Hokkaido.
The characteristics of each region vary - untouched nature, unique culture, warm and kind people.
"HOKKAIDO TAKARA MUSUBI PROJECT" was conceptualized from our desire to let the world know more about Hokkaido's unique diversity.

An auspicious crest called "Takaramusubi-mon, Treasure Knot Crest" has been handed down since ancient times in Japan.
「The crest is used for celebrations and gifts as a decorative knot when wrapping treasures. Its continuous loop motif contains the wishes of eternal prosperity, longevity, and happiness.

The symbol of "HOKKAIDO TAKARA MUSUBI PROJECT", the treasure knot crest, contains wishes for upgrading Hokkaido's sustainable charms to a new value of world standards while connecting its nature, culture, and encounters with local people.

By connecting "TAKARA" in Hokkaido, we will bring a new sense of value to the world that will be passed down to the next generation.

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[We are working on two tour concepts]

 Hokkaido Adventure Experiences
Special trips to immerse yourself in pristine and untouched nature in 6 national parks
Hokkaido Cultural Experiences
Trips to encounter rich culture and warm locals in 179 cities, towns, and villages

– A sample video tour –

We will announce more tour packages from time to times.

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