We have had a business alliance with Wat Pho Thai Traditional Medical School that was opened in Wat Pho where is known as the Temple of the huge golden Reclining Buddha. We introduce the home of Thai traditional massage skills. Thai traditional massage is effective for not only stiff necks and back pains, but also mental stresses. Please enjoy our Thai traditional massage to heal your physical and mental stresses.

You will indulge yourself in the resort island atmosphere enjoying antiques, artifacts, Buddha statues and even massage wears directly imported from Thailand that ornament the entire room under the concept of "Land of Smiles, Thailand". You will be perfectly relaxed physically and mentally feeling vision-friendly sedate interior and lightings, good healing music, comfortable massage, palatable meals, drinks, and peaceful aromatic sensations that stimulate your five senses.

In the most comfortable atmosphere, you will be completely free from fatigue, stiffness and stresses while you enjoy the luxury that may not exist in your busy daily life.

Calculating mileage

2 mile = 10 RMB on purchase will be accumulated.
JAL CARD members or JAL Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPDB) card members can receive 5% discount (mileage accumulation is subjected to the discount total amount).

Eligible stores : Massage salon "TAI DIAN" in China (Changjiang road salon, Renmin Road salon, Jiefang Road salon,), and Salon "極美道"

  • *Jiefang Road salon, Jianwai SOHO salon and Salon "美.UP会所" have been closed.

How to accumulate mileage

Please claim mileage accumulation with your JMB card at the reception on the day you receive treatments.


  1. Mileage will be credited to your account approximately 2 months later after your purchase.
  2. Post mileage registration may not be acceptable.

For inquiries


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