• What kind of product is it?

    The product is a combination of airfare and accommodation. As the availability of JAL flights and hotels are reflected in real time, and a combined sale price is displayed instantly, you will always be provided with the latest package content and travel price. (*1)*1 Even where the content is the same, the travel price may vary over time.

  • I'd like to make a reservation for three people in one room.

    In the case of using one room for three people, it is not possible to specify "twin bed or double bed + roll-away bed", "2x double beds", or "1x king bed sufficient for three people." Orientation (two females, etc.) and family structures are not taken into account in room assignments. Although you may contact the hotel to request an extra bed, as this will depend on the hotel situation and the number available on that day, the availability of an extra bed cannot be guaranteed. In some cases you may be requested to set up the roll-away bed yourself.

  • How are adult, child, and infant travel prices applied?

    • [Adult travel price] The adult travel price is applied to anyone aged 12 or over.
    • [Child travel price] The child travel price is applied to children aged between 2 and 12.
    • [Infant travel price] The infant travel price is applied to infants under the age of 2. In all cases, the travel price is based on the passenger's age on the departure date. Infants may not be provided a dedicated plane seat, meal, or hotel bed, etc.
    • [Child (bed sharing package) travel price] Available for groups with a child aged between 2 and 12 who will not be sleeping in their own bed at the hotel (limited to certain deals). This price is available when two or more adults or children at regular price are occupying the same room. Hotel amenities and some meals included in the room rate, etc., will not be available.
      *As a general rule, the base date for the travel price, age, and cancellation fee is the date of international departure.
    • [Examples of Room Combination]
      ①*Number of guests: 3 adults, 1 child
      *Number of rooms : 2
      *Hotel package [Bed sharing package]
      ⇒1st room - 2 adults
      ⇒2nd room - 1 adults, 1 child 
      *In this case, the bed sharing package cannot be used.

      ②*Number of guests: 2 adults, 1 child
      *Number of rooms : 1
      *Hotel package [Bed sharing package]
      ⇒1st room - 2 adults, 1 child
      *In this case, the bed sharing package can be applied.
  • From what time is a cancellation fee charged, and around how much will this be?

    The terms vary depending on the details of your itinerary. Please check these on the screen when making your reservation. You can also check the terms and conditions after completing your reservation, by visiting My Page.

  • What payment methods are available?

    Only lump sum credit card payments (Visa or MasterCard) are accepted. Other payment methods may not be used.

  • What are the hotel arrangements?

    • On the reservation screen, everynight upon arrival in Japan in one accommodation is included. If you would like the accommodation for some nights, please click "Change Hotels, Days, and Region" button on the screen, then choose your desired day and number of night.
  • Can I make changes to my reservation?

    • Changes are not accepted.
      If you would like to make a change, you will need to cancel the trip that you have booked and then make a new reservation.
      Please be advised in advance that even if there is a change in the travel price for the same trip after you have completed your reservation, we will not refund any difference or request that you pay an additional amount.
      * A cancellation fee will apply when canceling a reservation.
        In addition, depending on the situation, you may not be able to re-book your desired flight and hotel.
  • If travel companions stay at the same hotel for a different number of nights, is it possible for their rooms to be assigned together?

    This is not available. Arrangements for the same room can only be made for reservations that are part of the same reservation number.

  • What happens if I depart on a late-night flight after midnight?

    There have been an increasing number of cases of passengers arriving at the airport at the wrong time. If you book a flight departing after midnight, you will need to arrive at the airport on the night of the previous day. Please take extra care in this situation.

  • What should I do if the name on my reservation and the name on my passport are different?

    • As the name stated on your reservation will be the name printed on your plane ticket, be sure to make your reservation under the name stated in your passport.
    • You will not be able to board your flight if there is even a one letter difference between the name on your plane ticket and the name in your passport. If your passport is in your maiden name, make your reservation using your maiden name.
    • Please note that if you made your reservation under a name different to that stated in your passport, you will need to cancel your reservation via Confirm Reservations and make a new one.
      (A cancellation fee will apply when canceling, and in addition, you may not be able to re-book your desired flight and hotel.)
  • Are stand-by (waiting for a cancellation) reservations available?

    Stand-by (waiting for a cancellation) reservations are not available.

  • When in transit in Japan, is it possible to disembark and arrange a stopover in accommodation?

    This is not available.

  • How many people can be included in a single reservation?

    Up to nine people can be included in a single reservation.

  • Can I make any changes to my Japanese domestic flights or go on standby after completing my reservation?

    Changes to Japanese domestic flights cannot be made after making the reservation. In addition, standby is not available.

  • I have a middle name; when reserving a tour, how should I enter this on the [Customer Information] screen?

    • If you have a middle name, this generally does not need to be entered. However, if you would like to include your middle name in your reservation, please enter it after you first name in the “First Name” field.
      If your passport includes a “. (dot)” or “space”, etc., please complete without entering such the “. (dot)” or “space”.
    • Eg.) NIKKO/TARO JOHN → Last Name (NIKKO) First Name (TAROJOHN)
      NIKKO/HANAKO.K → Last Name (NIKKO) First Name (HANAKOK)
  • What length of time can my trip be?

    From 2 days to 30 days. Please note that a visa may be required, depending on the length of travel, so you should only make a reservation after first confirming whether this is necessary.

  • Will my credit card payment be collected immediately?

    The credit card payment will be collected at the same time that the reservation is made. The sale will be reported to your card company on the day of use. As closing dates vary by card company, please contact your card company directly for details of the collection date.

  • Can a person who will not be a passenger make a reservation?

    • Yes, this is permitted. If the passenger and the person making the reservation are different, please complete the reservation procedures without logging in, even if you are a JMB member.
    • If you proceed with a reservation while logged in, you will be unable to revise some of the input fields for “Passenger 1”.


  • Can seats be selected?

    A seat number can be selected at the same time as making your reservation. After completing your reservation, press the “Select / Change Seat” button from “Confirm Reservations”, and proceed to the selection screen. Only a limited number of seats can be selected in advance, and in some cases we may be unable to cater to your request.
    As seat selection cannot be made in advance for Japanese domestic flight segments, please make your request when checking in at the airport counter.

  • I was unable to select my desired seat.

    If you were unable to select your desired seat when making your reservation, please check the available seats again via online check-in, which is available from 72 hours prior to departure. However, depending on seat availability there may be cases where you are unable to reserve your desired seat.

  • Are miles awarded for reservations?

    ●Miles may be awarded. You will need to become a JAL Mileage Bank member prior to making your reservation.
    ●When making a reservation for a "JAL Overseas Dynamic Package" tour, if you register your JMB membership number, miles will be awarded automatically.
    If you're only able to obtain this information after making the reservation, please inform us of the passenger's name and membership number, from here, prior to your departure date.

  • What happens if the seat number I selected in advance changes due to a change in aircraft type or other circumstances?

    Due to circumstances such as changes to the type of aircraft expected to be used, seat numbers are subject to change without notice.
    In such a case, if the type of changed seat (window seat, aisle seat) is the same as before, we generally will not notify you of the change. Your understanding is appreciated.
    Example: You will be notified in this case: Before change - window seat; after change - aisle seat  You will not be notified in this case: Before change - window seat; after change - window seat*In aircraft with two decks, even if your seat assignment changes from upper deck to lower deck (or vice-versa), you will not receive any notification as long the seat type remains unchanged.

  • What boarding classes are available?

    • [International Routes]
      We offer economy class, premium economy class, and business class.
      *Premium economy class is only available on some flights.
    • [Routes within Japan]
      If you travel by economy class or premium economy class on an international flight, you may only reserve ordinary seats for your domestic flights. Limited to where vacant seats are available at the airport on the day, you may use class J for an additional fee of JPY 1,000 one-way.
    • If you travel by business class on an international flight, you may reserve class J for your domestic flights depending on the route you are traveling. Please check the reservations screen for details.
      Please be advised that if a class J reservation is not made due to seats being fully booked or due to the aircraft configuration, you will be assigned an ordinary seat.
  • Is it possible to transfer to a domestic Japan flight?

    • You can reserve an itinerary that includes domestic Japan flights by specifying your destination when making your reservation.
      It should be noted that domestic flights cannot be added to completed reservations which involve an international flight only.
  • Can I select different airports within Japan for the outbound and return journey?

    Yes, different airports may be selected.

  • I would like to bring a large amount of luggage. How much am I allowed to take with me?

    • <Regarding aircraft>Luggage entrusted to the airline is subject to weight and size restrictions set by the airline. If you exceed these restrictions, you may be charged an excess baggage fee or your luggage may be refused to be carried, at the discretion of the airline. JAL regulations can be checked at the following URL.
  • When are decisions made about canceling flights?

    • This is at the discretion of the airline.
    • ●With regard to flight cancellations due to force majeure such as inclement weather (typhoons, snow, fog), these can be checked around the clock on the JAL Website via “Flight Status (International)”.
    • ●Please note that if you register to receive international flight notification emails, you will receive updates on the flight status of your reserved flights from JAL.
    • Details on “International Flight Notification Emails” can be found here
  • Due to a change in schedule, I will not be able to board one of my reserved flights. Is it okay if I don't use certain segments of my plane ticket?

    • You are required to use all segments in the order of travel from the place of departure stated on your itinerary.
    • If you do not travel in this order, or do not use a segment, your plane ticket including the rest of your segments will be invalidated, and will be unavailable for use.


  • About Check-in and Check-out

    As a general rule, check-in is after 3:00 p.m., and check-out is prior to noon.
    For further information, please check the details page for the respective hotel.
    Please check-in and check-out of hotels yourself.

  • About payments other than room fees

    Please settle personal costs such as for international calls and room mini bar usage yourself when checking out of the hotel.
    Please note that when checking in to the hotel, you may be requested to present a credit card or provide a cash deposit.

  • About room amenities

    The essentials will be available, however we recommend that you bring your favorite products.
    In addition, there may be cases where, for reasons such as environmental protection, towels and bed linen are not changed every day.

  • Do I need to present a coupon to the hotel?

    We do not generally provide coupons for submission to hotels; however, where requested to present one, please present the HOTEL RESERVATION ITINERARY, which can be found within your trip itinerary.

  • Can I make requests to the hotel?

    Our company does not make requests to hotels on your behalf.
    Please make requests to the hotel directly when checking in at the hotel.
    Please be advised in advance that there may be cases where the hotel is unable to cater to your request.


  • If I am sick, disabled, or have an injury, etc., should I mention this when making my reservation?

    • Please inform us of this by the following method.
      Please notify us of your condition and requests via the "Contact Us" form.
      In addition, in cases such as where you will use medical equipment on the plane, there may be instances where, depending on your condition, we request the submission of a medical certificate from a medical institution in the format designated by the airline.
      If a medical certificate or other document needs to be submitted, we will inform you of this.
    • *Requests
      ① We ask for your understanding that in order to make arrangements, we may need to ask for detailed information.
    • ② Please contact us as soon as possible after booking your trip. If you make a request just before departure, we may be unable to cater to this. Your understanding is appreciated.
  • Although I am not sick, as I am elderly I would like to borrow a wheelchair at the airport; how can I do this?

    • Passengers who walk with difficulty or with a cane may borrow a wheelchair prepared by the airline free of charge at the departure, transit, and arrival airports.
    • As we will ask about matters such as your walking capacity and scope of wheelchair use, please notify us of your wishes after making your reservation.
  • I am allergic to dairy products, eggs, and peanuts. Can I change my in-flight meal to one that caters to allergies?

    • Please let us know of your request as soon as possible after making your reservation.
    • Meals for passengers with allergies come in the form of a menu designated by the airline, and we are unable to remove specific foods from the standard menu. Thank you for your understanding.
    • Please visit the JAL website to check the menu.
    • *Please be advised that if you make a request immediately prior to departure, we may not be able to cater to your request.
    • *Although we aim to provide allergen-free meals, we ask for your understanding that a completely allergen-free meal cannot be provided.
    • *With regard to ingredients other than those specified by JAL, please note that we are unable to remove these.
    • *In the case of codeshare flights, meals with be provided in accordance with the service of the operating airline, so you should contact that airline separately.
    • ☆Information on JAL meals for passengers with allergies, and other special meals
  • Will I be issued with a receipt?

    • This is provided on-screen via the Receipt Data Display Service.
    • The Receipt Data Display Service is a service that can be found after making a reservation via "Confirm Reservations". The total amount you paid is displayed in a one page receipt, which can be printed.
    • Using the Receipt Data Display Service on the "Confirm Reservations" page, you can enter the name of your choice and select the type from "As Airfare and Accommodation Fees".
    • Please print the screen displayed by this service yourself, and check whether or not it is suitable for use in accounting treatment.
    • Receipts can be displayed in the 30-day period prior to the departure date until one month after the departure date.
  • I was unable to use my original travel services due to delays and a change in destination. What should I do?

    As a general rule, arrangements for alternative services in cases where you did not use the original travel services should be made by yourself.
    In such cases, you will bear the accommodation fees and transportation costs, etc., associated with the alternative services.

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