• What is JAL Flight + Hotel?

    JAL Flight+Hotel is a travel package which is a combination of flights and accommodations. The availability of flights or accommodations are shown in real time, then a combined sale price will be displayed. You will always be provided with the latest content and travel price.
    **Even though the content is the same, the travel price may vary over time.

  • How are adult, child, and infant travel prices applied?

    [Adult travel price] The adult travel price is applied to anyone aged 12 or over.
    [Child travel price] The child travel price is applied to children aged between 3 and 11.
    [Infant travel price] The infant travel price is applied to infants under the age of 2.
    In all cases, the travel price is based on the passenger's age on the departure date.
    Infants may not be provided a dedicated plane seat, meal, or hotel bed, etc.

  • I want to know the cancellation fee.

    Cancelation fees will be displayed before the payment.
    Please carefully read the conditions.
    Would be charged full amount for Japan Explorer Pass(Japan Explorer Pass is non refundable)and other fees if applicable.

  • How to pay?

    We accept VISA or MasterCard only.

  • Can I make changes to my reservation?

    We are unable to accept any changes for your reservation.
    If you would like to make a change, please cancel your reservation and make a new reservation.
    The travel price would be calculated when you make a reservation, and the price may vary even for the same itinerary.

  • What should I do if the name on my reservation and the name on my passport are different?

    You will need to cancel your reservation and make a new reservation.
    A cancellation fee will be applied and we cannot gurantee the same flight nor the same hotel at the same price for a new reservation.
    Please be sure to make your reservation under the name stated in your passport.

  • Stand-by (on waiting list ) reservations available?

    Stand-by (waiting for a cancellation) reservations are not available.

  • How many people can I reserve at one time?

    Available up to 6 persons at once.

  • How long duration of a trip or how many flights can I book?

    Able to reserve from 2days to 30days travel duration with up to 6 flight sectors at one reservation.

  • Can I make a reservation for other traveller?

    Yes, you can.
    Please be sure to make a reservation under the name of traveller.
    We need applicant information as well.
    Please take care for the input field.


Terms and Conditions for JAL Japan Explorer Pass

Please refer to the information website for JAL Japan Explorer Pass. Note; Booking is available until 7days before departure, when you use JAL Japan Explorer Pass with JAL Flight + Hotel.


  • About Check-in and Check-out

    Check-in and Check-out time differ from hotels.
    For further information, please check the details page for the respective hotel.
    Please check in and check out by yourself.

  • About payments other than room fees

    Please settle personal costs such as for mini bar etc. when checking out.
    Please note that you may be requested to present a credit card or provide a cash deposit when checking in.

  • Do I need to present a coupon to the hotel?

    Generally you do not need to submit coupons or voucher to hotels, however, please present the HOTEL RESERVATION ITINERARY, which can be found within your trip itinerary if needed.


  • If I am sick, disabled, or have an injury, etc., should I mention this when making my reservation?

    Please inform us of this by the following method.
    Please notify us of your condition and requests via the "Contact Us" form.
    In addition, in cases such as where you will use medical equipment on the plane, there may be instances where, depending on your condition, we request the submission of a medical certificate from a medical institution in the format designated by the airline.
    If a medical certificate or other document needs to be submitted, we will inform you of this.

    ① We ask for your understanding that in order to make arrangements, we may need to ask for detailed information.
    ② Please contact us as soon as possible after booking your trip. If you make a request just before departure, we may be unable to cater to this. Your understanding is appreciated.

  • Although I am not sick, as I am elderly I would like to borrow a wheelchair at the airport; how can I do this?

    Passengers who walk with difficulty or with a cane may borrow a wheelchair prepared by the airline free of charge at the departure, transit, and arrival airports.
    As we will ask about matters such as your walking capacity and scope of wheelchair use, please notify us of your wishes after making your reservation.

  • I need a receipt.

    After making a reservation, a receipt is available.
    On the confirmation page, you will find a "create receipt" button, in the bottom.

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