What is UUPON?
UUPON is a shared point card service offered via EasyCard, an IC card payment system with more than 50 million cards issued. After completing the simple membership registration process, you can earn and redeem UUPON points at a wide variety of stores such as FamilyMart, Wellcome, and Chunghwa Telecom. To learn more about UUPON, please visit the UUPON website.
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Calculating mileage

500 UUPON Points = 125 JMB miles

How to accumulate mileage

Eligible members : JMB members who have enrolled with Taiwan Ponta Point program.

  1. Award requests are accepted on the Taiwan area's UUPON website : This page will open in a new windowwww.uupon.tw
  2. The following information is required when submitting a request :
    • UUPON membership number
    • Mobile phone number
    • JMB membership number
    • JMB member name written in Roman characters
  3. JMB miles will be credited to the JMB member's account approximately 2months after submitting the request on the Taiwan UUPON website.


Once your UUPON points redeemed, no cancellation or refund is allowed.

For inquiries

Taiwan UUPON Support Center

Operator assisted phone number : Tel : 4128-365 (When you use cellular phone : 02-4128-365)

Address : < Building G > Floor4th No.3-1 Yuanchu St. Nanggang Dist. Zip Code.115

Hours of operation : Mon. - Fri. 9:00 - 17:00 (CST)

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