Important Notice about the Coronavirus

Due to the recent spread of the Coronavirus, we have temporarily stopped accepting the campaign application.

We will announce when we will start accepting the application again on this site once it is decided.

Please refer to the following for more information related to this suspension.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

FAQ about the Coronavirus

Why suspend application reception?

Because the outlook of the restriction for travelers entering Japan during this summer is unclear due to the spread of the Coronavirus.

When will the campaign be reopened?

Schedules is not yet decided.

If we have a campaign like this one in future, we will announced on our website. So if you call us a inquiry, we can't answer at this moment. 

I have already applied, but will my domestic reservations be unavailable?

New campaign applications cannot be submitted temporarily, but tickets already applied can still be used.

I want to change my flight schedule due to the Coronavirus. Is it possible to change the reservation?

Tickets provided in this campaign cannot be changed.

If you wish to change the schedule, please cancel the ticket provided in this campaign and arrange a separate ticket yourself.

Can I cancel?

You can cancel.

You can cancel on the JAL site up to 2 days* before departure.

Log in, go to the Win a Trip with JAL page and click the Apply button to start the process.

  • If you cancel after the application is submitted (for personal reasons), you cannot apply again.
  • If the details entered in the application do not match those registered in JAL Mileage Bank, the process will be canceled automatically.
    Please check the cancellation email and apply again.
    Example 1: Order of passenger name (including middle name) does not match the order registered in JAL Mileage Bank
    Example 2: Passenger information cannot be confirmed, e.g. because the JMB membership number was entered incorrectly
  • When there are less than 2 days before the departure date of the flight you applied for with Win a Trip with JAL, it is treated as a JMB members-only domestic flight reservation.

Can I change or reapply if the flight is canceled or delayed, or predicted to be canceled or delayed?

If your flight is canceled, delayed by 30 minutes or longer, waiting for a weather report, or has conditions attached to departure for reasons such as bad weather or natural disaster, or predicted to be affected, please proceed as follows for Win a Trip with JAL flights.


1. Check which airports have special ticket handling

  • Look for an asterisk next to the flight number on the Arrival/Departure Information board, or in the Remarks column of the Canceled/Delayed search
  • If the departure or arrival airport is listed in the list of affected airports

2. If either of the above applies, you can change to a different flight on the same segment or reapply.

    No cancellation or refund fees will be charged for changes or new applications.

[Reservation Changes]

Only one change is allowed.

To book a replacement flight on the JAL site, see "Booking changed (replacement) flight when flight disruption is expected" below.


You can apply again with no cancellation or new application fee.

The process is the same as for JMB members-only domestic flight reservations.

Can I change or cancel for some of the passengers?

You can cancel for some of the passengers, but you cannot apply again after canceling.

Please note that cancellations that result in a child traveling alone are not permitted.

Can I make changes after applying?

Flights cannot be changed.

At the airport on the day of departure

On the day of departure at the departure airport, changes are allowed only if there are available seats on an earlier flight operated by the JAL Group on the same segment.
See below for what you can do at the airport on the day of departure.

Only for visitors to Japan in summer 2020

Enjoy the charms of areas of Japan you have yet to discover.

Let JAL take you on a journey for free!

Travel period: July 1, 2020 (Wed) - September 30 (Wed)

This service is available only to visitors to Japan between June 1, 2020 (Mon) and October 31 (Sat).

1. We invite you to travel with us for free

We invite visitors to Japan during the special offer period to fly with JAL to a domestic destination within Japan.

During the specified period, we are offering up to 100,000 seats on JAL domestic routes.

Enjoy your journey with the traditional Japanese hospitality offered by JAL.

  • This campaign provides “round-trip air tickets”, so the number of available passengers is “maximum 50,000”.
  • There are a limited number of available seats, so in some cases no destinations will be shown.

2. Enjoy finding out where you'll go

Experience the beauty of a new part of Japan and its rich cultural heritage.

When you apply, JAL will show you four possible destinations.

Then we tell you which one you'll go to within 3 days of your application.

Embark on a thrilling journey like no other and see what discoveries await at your mystery destination!

  • Due to the great number of applications, it may take longer than 3 days after the subscription.
  • Flights depart from / return to Tokyo (Haneda) and Osaka (Itami / Kansai) only.

3. Apply to travel with your friends and family

Share your journey to your surprise destination with friends and family traveling with you to Japan.

You can apply as a group of up to four people.

Choose from three or five departure / arrival time slots and find sightseeing tips and information on local specialties when you apply,

making it easy to plan your trip.

How It Works


Go to the application screen

Go to the Win a Trip with JAL application screen and choose a departure location, day, number of people and time slot.


See the possible destinations

You'll need the following customer information to apply.

  • Name, age and JMB membership number for all traveling passengers
  • Email address of member making the application
  • Passport information
  • If you search again, the destinations will change.
  • Make sure the passenger information entered matches the membership information in JAL Mileage Bank.


Discover your destination

You'll get an email within 3 days of applying telling you where you're going.


* Due to the great number of applications, it may take longer than 3 days after the subscription.

Try your luck and see where Win a Trip with JAL takes you!

User Information

Points to bear in mind

  • There is a limit on the number of applications per day.
  • There is a limit on the number of new searches per day.
  • Passengers must be JMB members. (Overseas Region members only)
  • Residence must be outside Japan. Passenger must hold a passport issued by a country other than Japan, or a Japanese passport holder with the right of permanent residence of a country other than Japan.
  • When boarding, you may be asked to present proof that you visited Japan during the specified period (such as a copy of an international flight ticket or eTicket, etc.).
  • Flights depart from / return to Tokyo (Haneda) and Osaka (Itami / Kansai) only.
  • You cannot apply again if you cancel (for personal reasons) after the application is complete.
  • There are a limited number of seats available for Win a Trip with JAL, so in some cases no destinations will be shown.