JMB One-Way Fares

Special JAL international tickets called "JMB One-Way Fares" are available for purchase if used together with a JAL International Award Ticket for One-Way Travel for itineraries departing/arriving at Guam or Hawaii.

These tickets can be booked by calling the JMB International Award Reservations Desk/JMB Center. Reservations are not available on the JAL website.

JMB Business One-Way Fare, JMB Premium Economy One-Way Fare, JMB Economy One-Way Fare (B), JMB Economy One-Way Fare (M)

Reservations and ticket purchases

  1. These fares are available only for customers who have a one-way award ticket or who will be reserving an award ticket at the same time.
  2. JMB One-Way Fares are subject to the same booking/ticketing deadlines as award tickets. Additionally, these tickets cannot be booked/purchased after travel has commenced on a one-way award ticket.
  3. These fares are only available for travel to/from the same area, in the opposite direction, as the JAL one-way international award ticket.
  4. The ticket reservation and ticket purchase must be made at the same time.
  5. Waitlisting is not permitted.
  6. These fares are valid on Japan Airlines (JL) and Japan Transocean Air (NU) flights only. Codeshare flights operated by other airlines are not eligible.
  7. Traveling only on JMB One-Way Fares is not permitted.

Eligible itineraries

Itineraries must be to or from Japan.

  • One connection in a Japanese city is permitted.
  • Itineraries cannot include surface sectors within domestic Japan.

Connections can only be made in the same city.

Child fares (2 to 11 years of age) / Infant fares (under the age of 2)

Child fare is approx. 75% of the adult fare.
Infant fare is approx. 10% of the adult fare.
This infant fare will apply only when the accompanying adult also purchases a ticket using this fare.

Stopovers (a stay of more than 24 hours)

Stopovers are not permitted.

Reservation changes

Reservation changes are not permitted.

Cancellations and refunds

Cancellations made after ticket purchase are subject to the relevant cancellation charge.

1.Cancellation before flight departure

  • If JAL is contacted to request cancellation:
    Japan - Guam
     JMB Business One-Way Fare: Adult JPY40,000, Child JPY30,000.
     Other fares: Adult JPY20,000, Child JPY15,000.
    Japan - Hawaii
     JMB Business One-Way Fare: Adult JPY50,000, Child JPY37,500.
     Other fares: Adult JPY30,000, Child JPY22,500.
  • If JAL is not contacted to request cancellation:
    No refund.

2.Cancellation after flight departure

 No refund.

Fare Chart

  • These fares are limited to certain days and certain routes, and are not available on all dates or all flights.

Unit: Japanese yen

Departure/Destination Area: Guam


Fare name Booking Class Fare
JMB Business One-Way Fare C 90,000
JMB Economy One-Way Fare (B) B 80,000
JMB Economy One-Way Fare (M) M 50,000

Departure/Destination Area: Hawaii

Honolulu, Kona

Fare name Booking Class Fare
JMB Business One-Way Fare C 200,000
JMB Premium Economy One-Way Fare W 185,000
JMB Economy One-Way Fare (B) B 170,000
JMB Economy One-Way Fare (M) M 80,000

Deadlines for Reservations

The reservation deadline is 24 hours (departure city time) prior to the departure of the first flight sector.

  • If the above deadlines fall outside the operating hours of the Call Center or JAL Office, the deadline will be the previous business day.


Q: Will I earn miles on these fares?

A: Yes. You will earn 125% of miles flown by flying on the JMB Business One-Way Fare (booking class C), 100% on the JMB Premium Economy One-Way Fare (booking class W) or JMB Economy One-Way Fare (B) (booking class B), and 70% on the JMB Economy One-Way Fare (M) (booking class M).

Q: Can tickets purchased on these fares be upgraded?

A: The JMB Business One-Way Fare (booking class C), JMB Premium Economy One-Way Fare (booking class W), and JMB Economy One-Way Fare (B) (booking class B) are eligible for upgrade.

Q: Are JMB One-Way Fares offered for routes other than Hawaii and Guam?

A: No, JMB One-Way Fares are not offered for other routes. However, JAL discounted one-way fares from Japan are available for applicable routes.

  • Fares may not be available for some travel dates or routes.

For one-way fares originating outside Japan, please refer to the JAL Website of the country of departure.