JAL Group Airlines Domestic Award Tickets (For flights departing on/before April 11, 2023)

Award tickets for JAL Group domestic flights start at 6,000 for one-way travel and 12,000 miles for round-trip travel


  • Due to changes to the Japan domestic fare system, regulations will change for flights departing on or after April 12, 2023.

  • Tickets issued under the current rules are valid only until April 11, 2023. They cannot be used on April 12, 2023 or later. If you do not plan to use a ticket by April 11, 2023, please request a refund before your trip begins.

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Who is Eligible for Awards

Awards can be used by the JMB member and eligible relatives.

  • For members in the Japan region who have registered to the JALCARD Family Program, awards redeemed by pooling family mileage may be used by the primary member, the primary member's spouse, the primary member's second-degree relatives, or the spouse of the primary member's brother/sister-in-law. For more details, please refer to the notes on redemption of awards using the JALCARD Family Program.
  • For members in regions other than Japan, please refer to the notes on award redemptions using the JAL Family Club mileage pool.


Any 2 flight sectors or 1 flight sector can be included in one award.

  • Only non-stop or direct flights may be used.
  • Haneda and Narita airports in Tokyo are considered to be the same city, as are Itami and Kansai airports in Osaka.

Two flight sectors in one award (Mileage for 2 flight sectors is required.)

One flight sector in one award (Mileage for 1 flight sector is required.)

Two awards (Mileage for two 2-flight-sector award tickets is required.)

Mileage for two award tickets is required.

CLASS J awards

An additional 2,000 miles per flight sector per person is necessary for a Class J award.

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