Digital Health Credential App "VeriFLY" to Assist With Your COVID-Safe Travel


Using “VeriFLY”, you can check all the required documents of your destination in advance and make the check-in process more convenient.

Passenger with Digital Certificate app "VeriFLY"
Customers who have completed registration of various documents can use the "VeriFLY Dedicated Check-in Counter" at Haneda/Narita Airport. Check-in will be even smoother just by presenting the app completion screen.

You can check with ''VeriFLY'' the validity of your immigration requirements such as COVID-19 negative test certificates, vaccine certificates, and attestations in advance.
You can check with ''VeriFLY'' the validity of your immigration requirements such as COVID-19 negative test certificates, vaccine certificates, and attestations in advance.

What is VeriFLY?

VeriFLY checks the validity of your entry documents such as COVID-19 negative test certificates, vaccine certificates, and attestations in prior to your departure. *1*2
When all requirements are met, the app will show "Ready to Travel" status with a green tick.
Check-in procedures at the airport will become much smoother by showing this app screen. *3

  1. VeriFLY is a service provided by Daon.
  2. Use of VeriFLY is optional.
  3. In case of a sudden change in each country's entry requirements, airport staffs may ask for your original copies of required documents.

Applicable conditions

Eligible routes

JAL-operated flights only. Codeshare flights operated by other airlines are not eligible.

VeriFLY does not cover connections from a international flight to another international flight. Please check the details below.

Departing from Japan

United States


Canada (Vancouver)

France (Paris)

India (Delhi/Bengaluru)

Indonesia (Jakarta)


Thailand (Bangkok)

Philippine (Manila)

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Arriving into Japan

Not available on VeriFLY. Please use the quarantine Fast Track by the Japanese Government.

Fast Track allows you to complete Japanese quarantine procedures before entering Japan, simplifying document verification at check-in and entry.

Eligible customers

All passengers aged 4 and over

  • Travelling party can also be registered and checked through VeriFLY

Eligible fares

All fares, including tickets issued by travel agencies, package tours, and frequent-flier award tickets.


COVID-19 negative test certificates, vaccination certificates and other documents may be requested by government or state/local authorities upon arrival, so please have your original copies of each document available to show at any time.

For the latest travel conditions, please check JAL website, or information on embassy, consulate, and health organization websites for your destination.

VeriFLY app usage

The app is available for devices with iOS version 11.0+ or Android version 6.0+

Initial set up


Initial display

Download app to device.


Create your account

Follow the app instructions to register your name and email address.
Re-open the app from the verification email, and complete account creation by taking a selfie in the app.

  • Please register your full name as it appears on your passport.

App usage procedure


Select your destination

Choose your destination from the list shown in "Search" menu.
Proceed to register your flight details from "Add Trip".

  • If necessary, register your traveling companion's information.
  • Flight details cannot be edited once registered. Please delete and recreate your trip.


Register information required for entry to the US

Register information regarding entry requirements (1. COVID-19 vaccination certificate, 2. COVID-19 negative test certificate, 3. Attestation, 4. Pre-travel checklist etc).

  • You will be asked to upload a picture of your COVID-19 negative certificate/vaccination certificate.
  • Your COVID-19 negative certificate/vaccination certificate is required to be uploaded at least 4 hours prior to your flight departure time.
  • Those passengers who are exempted from vaccination are not applicable for VeriFLY usage as a principle.
  • When registering vaccine certificates, International Travel 2D barcode shown in the official vaccine certificates can be used. In order to register, either read the 2D barcode from the app camera or upload image data of screen shot/photo of 2D barcode.


Registration completed

Please show this "Ready to Travel" screen to the airport staff on the day of departure.


July 15, 2022
Japan Airlines