Ninoy Aquino International Airport
[Manila] Sakura Lounge


Enjoy the time before you take flight in this space full of innovative style,

with a touch of red evocative of Manila Bay at sunset.

Welcoming you with genuine Japanese hospitality

Guests are greeted with a smile at the reception area.

Enjoy a moment of inspiration and calm before you take flight.

Offering you a refined moment of comfort before boarding

Why not spend the time before your flight watching the planes come and go from our window seats?


From hot dishes to sweet treats,

find a meal to suit your mood at our vibrant buffet counter.

Refined and relaxed dining

Serving hot dishes and a selection of drinks over a stylish tiled counter.

Treat your taste buds before your flight

Watch the planes take off while you enjoy your favorite dish in our relaxed dining area.


Served all day

Manila Sakura Lounge Special Beef Curry

Enjoy the hearty and generous Manila Sakura Lounge Special Beef Curry.

Served all day

We have a wide selection of other dishes to suit every mood, so enjoy a meal with us before you take flight.


Free Wi-Fi, Smoking rooms, Restrooms

Other information

Opening hours

3 hours before flight departure - Until flight departure (10:05 - 11:25, 14:25 - 20:25 Closed)

Criteria based on membership status

Available in the following statuses.

JMB Diamond

JGC Premier

JMB Sapphire

JAL Global Club

  • One accompanying guest is also welcome.
    *An infant under 2 years of age is not counted as an additional guest.
  • The second and the third companions with a customer, who is a member of JMB Diamond, JGC Premier, JMB Sapphire, JAL Global Club (JGC) with Lounge Coupon may access to the lounge.

Criteria based on boarding class

Available in the following statuses.

First Class

Business Class

 Premium Economy 

Economy Class
(Flex Y Fare)

  • Operating aircraft and seating configurations are subject to change without prior notice.