• Here's a chance to experience a cut above. JAL Premium Economy Class Premium flights with more comfortable seats, lounge access and inflight services. Here's a chance to experience a cut above. JAL Premium Economy Class Premium flights with more comfortable seats, lounge access and inflight services.


Los Angeles

Tokyo, Osaka

Round trip ¥261,000~

New York

Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya

Round trip ¥270,000~

London, Paris

Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka

Round trip ¥275,000~


Tokyo, Nagoya

Round trip ¥205,000~


Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya

Round trip ¥197,000~


Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya

Round trip ¥195,000~


Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya

Round trip ¥219,000~

Kuala Lumpur

Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya

Round trip ¥205,000~

Hong Kong


Round trip ¥118,000~



Round trip ¥204,000~

  • Fares shown exclude taxes and surcharges (such as Fuel Surcharge and Insurance Surcharge, Passenger Facility Charge).
  • There are a limited number of seats available for each fare class. Different prices may apply for certain days and flights. Fares are subject to change without notice. If fares change after a ticket is purchased, customers will not be charged or refunded for the difference. Applicable fares are those in effect at the time of ticket purchase

Spacing between seats has been expanded by 10cm to 107cm.
Better reclining means your own private space won't be interrupted by the seat back in front of you.

  • Compare with previous JAL seats.

A higher class of comfort

We provide a higher class of comfort with features that include a large leg rest and a foot rest that allows 3-point adjustment.

Robust functionality

Enjoy a wide array of features, from a 12.1 inch touchscreen display to a USB port, video input port, and laptop charging port.
Among the other features that ensure you'll have a comfortable flight are a plastic bottle holder, cup holder and large tray table.

To an expansive seat area designed with warm earth tones, we've added Wi-Fi and everything else you need to do business.
Additionally, we offer satisfying foods and beverages selected for the time of day you'll be flying.
Enjoy a refreshing Japanese or Western-style breakfast or a hearty dinner provided prior to departure on late night flights.

Comfortable business space

Internet access is provided throughout the lounge. Relax while getting work done during that hectic time before a business trip.

Amenities to help you unwind

Refresh your mind and body at our shower room and high-performance massage chair before flight. Available free of charge.

Diverse menus for different times of day

From premium original beef curry to freshly baked bread, enjoy meals prepared specially for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Use the dedicated Premium Economy Class check-in counter to get to your gate quickly and easily.

When checking in, take advantage of a special check-in counter for Premium Economy Class passengers.
When no such check-in counter is available, you can use the Business Class check-in counter.

Flight routes with JAL SKY PREMIUM seats

Tokyo (Narita)

San Diego
Jakarta (JL729/JL720)
Kuala Lumpur
Hanoi (JL752)
Ho Chi Minh City (JL750)

Tokyo (Haneda)


New York


Los Angeles

Dallas - Fort Worths

San Francisco




New Delhi (JL39/30)

Sydney (JL51/52)


Singapore (JL37/36)

Hong Kong

Ho Chi Minh City (JL70)

Osaka (Kansai)


Los Angeles

Nagoya (Chubu)


  • Operating schedule, aircraft and seating configurations are subject to change without prior notice.

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