Online Check-in

Online Check-in is a convenient service that allows you to check-in for your flight through the JAL Website or app instead of at the airport.

What is Online Check-in?

You can check yourself in beginning 24 hours before your flight’s departure time. You can also select your seats, or change them if they are already assigned.

How to Use This Service

Online Check-in Procedure

Before you arrive at the airport


Check-in through the website or app starting 24 hours before departure

Online Check-in is available starting 24 hours and ending 1 hour before your flight’s scheduled departure (local time). Please follow the on-screen instructions to select your seats, enter your passport data, and complete check-in.


Prepare your Home Print Boarding Pass/Mobile Boarding pass

Once check-in is complete, select “Home Print Boarding Pass” to print your boarding pass or “Mobile Boarding Pass” to have it delivered to your smartphone.

  • Home Print Boarding Pass and Mobile Boarding Pass may not be accepted at some airports outside Japan. Please click the below link for details.

When you arrive at the airport


Check your baggage

For flights departing from Japan, if you have baggage to check, please come to the baggage counter by the following deadlines (If you have no baggage to check, please go to step 4.)
International Flight : No later than 60 minutes prior scheduled departure time of your flight
Domestic Flight:No later than 30 minutes prior scheduled departure time of your flight

For airports with Self Baggage Drop*

* Haneda, Narita, Honolulu, Singapore, Beijing


Please use a Self Service Check-in Kiosk to print baggage tags and then drop your baggage at Self Baggage Drop.

For airports other than the above

Please check your baggage at the baggage counter.


Go to the security checkpoint

Please go to the security checkpoint with your boarding pass.

  • If you are flying from Haneda or Narita Airport, you can use the convenient Face Express (facial recognition) system to board.

Eligibility Conditions

Passengers who have a connecting flight on same day

  • For the international ticket that includes Japan domestic sector (JAL flight number operated by JAL group only), Online Check-in is possible.
  • Online Check-in is availavle for both domestic and international flights from 24 hours to 1 hour prior to the schedule departure time.
  • If you are connecting at a different airport, please pick up your baggage and check it in again for the connecting flight.



  • Some seats, that can be fitted with a baby bassinet or are considered paid seats are excluded. As this service is on a first-come, first-serve basis, appreciate your understanding that the seat of your choice may not be always available.
  • Changing paid seats to free seats can be accpeted but it is not possible to be refunded. Please proceed to the below link and check the paid seats service in detail.

To cancel the completed Online Check-in

If you wish to cancel boarding the international flight for which Online Check-in has been completed, you can do so from the JAL website until 1 hour prior to the flight departure time. To cancel check-in, please select your itinerary under "Online Check-in" on the JAL website and follow the procedures. If you have already checked baggage, please go to a check-in counter to cancel. Please note that the itinerary itself will not be canceled.

About the flights operated by other airlines

For flights operated by the following carriers, you will automatically be redirected from the JAL website to the carrier’s website for Online Check-in.

American Airlines (AA)*1

From 24 hours to 2 hours before departure

  1. Online Check-in is not available for flights operated by American Airlines at this time.

British Airways (BA)

From 24 hours to 1 hours before departure

Finnair (AY)

From 36 hours to 1 hours before departure

Iberia (IB)

From 24 hours to 1 hours before departure

Malaysia Airlines (MH)

From 48 hours to 90 minites before departure

  • This service may not be available for certain flights booked through a travel agency.
  • When connecting to JAL international flights from a flight operated by one of the airlines listed above, JAL international flights need to be checked-in at the partner carrier's website.
  • If you transit from JAL domestic flights, it will be an Online Check-in on our site.