Changes on the East Asia Route Network for Departure between June 1 and 30, 2022

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City Routes Flight Number

Details of change

(Day of operation)

Beijing Haneda→Beijing JL021 Suspended
JL022 Suspended
Haneda→Beijing JL025 Suspended
Beijing→Haneda JL020 Suspended
Narita→Beijing JL869 Suspended
Beijing→Narita JL860 Suspended
Shanghai Haneda→Shanghai (Hongqiao) JL081 Suspended  
Shanghai (Hongqiao) →Haneda JL082 Suspended
Haneda→Shanghai (Pudong) JL085 Suspended
Shanghai (Pudong) →Haneda JL086 Suspended
Haneda→Shanghai (Pudong) JL089 Suspended
Shanghai (Pudong) →Haneda JL080 Suspended
Narita→Shanghai (Pudong) JL873 Suspended
Shanghai (Pudong) →Narita JL876 Suspended
Narita→Shanghai (Pudong) JL877 Suspended
Shanghai (Pudong) →Narita JL874 Suspended
Narita→Shanghai (Pudong) JL879 Suspended
Shanghai (Pudong) →Narita JL872 Suspended
Kansai→Shanghai (Pudong) JL891 Suspended
Shanghai (Pudong) →Kansai JL894 Suspended
Kansai→Shanghai (Pudong) JL897 Suspended
Shanghai (Pudong) →Kansai JL898 Suspended
Chubu→Shanghai (Pudong) JL883 Suspended
Shanghai (Pudong) →Chubu JL884 Suspended
Guangzhou*1 Haneda→Guangzhou JL087 Fri Flight on June 24 has been cancelled.
Guangzhou→Haneda JL088 Fri Operates as Guangzhou→Narita
Dalian*1 Haneda→Dalian JL023 Suspended (Route launch will be delayed)
Dalian→Haneda JL024 Suspended (Route launch will be delayed)
Narita→Dalian JL829 Wed・Thu・Fri
Dalian→Narita JL820 Wed・Thu・Fri
Tianjin Chubu→Tianjin JL841 Suspended  
Tianjin→Chubu JL840 Suspended
Hong Kong*1 Haneda→Hong Kong JL029 Operates daily

Flight on June 19 - 23 have been cancelled.


Operates as Haneda→Hong Kong

Wed・Sun :

Operates as Narita→Hong Kong

Hong Kong→Haneda JL026 Operates daily Operates as Hong Kong→Narita
Narita→Hong Kong JL735 Tue・Thu・Sat Flight on June 21, 23 have been cancelled.
Hong Kong→Narita JL736 Wed・Fri・Sun  
Taipei Haneda→Taipei(Songshan) JL097 Mon・Tue・Wed・Fri・Sat・Sun  
Taipei(Songshan)→Haneda JL098 Mon・Tue・Wed・Fri・Sat・Sun
Haneda→Taipei(Songshan) JL099 Suspended  
Taipei(Songshan)→Haneda JL096 Suspended  
Narita→Taipei(Taoyuan) JL809 Thu  
Taipei(Taoyuan)→Narita JL802 Thu・Sat


Taipei(Taoyuan)→Narita JL804 Suspended  
Kansai→Taipei(Taoyuan) JL815 Suspended  
Taipei(Taoyuan)→Kansai JL814 Suspended  
Chubu→Taipei(Taoyuan) JL821 Suspended  
Taipei(Taoyuan)→Chubu JL822 Suspended  
Seoul Haneda→Seoul (Gimpo) JL091 June 30  
Seoul (Gimpo) → Haneda JL092 June 30  
Haneda→Seoul (Gimpo) JL093 Suspended  
Seoul (Gimpo) →Haneda JL094 Suspended  
Haneda→Seoul (Gimpo) JL095 Suspended  
Seoul (Gimpo) →Haneda JL090 Suspended  
  • Flights and schedules are subject to government approval.
  1. Dalian, Guangzhou, Hong Kong flights may be cancelled subjected to Chines Authority's regulation.

June 22, 2022

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