Changes on the East Asia Route Network for Departure between July 1 and 31, 2021

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City Routes Flight Number

Details of change

(Day of operation)

Beijing Haneda→Beijing JL021 Suspended  
Beijing→Haneda JL022 Suspended  
Haneda→Beijing JL025 Suspended  
Beijing→Haneda JL020 Suspended  
Narita→Beijing JL869 Suspended  
Beijing→Narita JL860 Suspended  
Shanghai Haneda→Shanghai (Hongqiao) JL081 Suspended  
Shanghai (Hongqiao) →Haneda JL082 Suspended  
Haneda→Shanghai (Pudong) JL085 Suspended  
Shanghai (Pudong) →Haneda JL086 Suspended  
Haneda→Shanghai (Pudong) JL089 Suspended  
Shanghai (Pudong) →Haneda JL080 Suspended  
Narita→Shanghai (Pudong) JL873 Suspended  
Shanghai (Pudong) →Narita JL876 Suspended  
Narita→Shanghai (Pudong) JL877 Suspended  
Shanghai (Pudong) →Narita JL874 Suspended  
Narita→Shanghai (Pudong) JL879 Suspended  
Shanghai (Pudong) →Narita JL872 Suspended  
Kansai→Shanghai (Pudong) JL891 Suspended  
Shanghai (Pudong) →Kansai JL894 Suspended  
Kansai→Shanghai (Pudong) JL897 Suspended  
Shanghai (Pudong) →Kansai JL898 Suspended  
Chubu→Shanghai (Pudong) JL883 Suspended  
Shanghai (Pudong) →Chubu JL884 Suspended  
Guangzhou*1 Haneda→Guangzhou JL087 Fri Operates as Narita→Guangzhou
Narita departure 9:15, Guangzhou arrival 13:00
Guangzhou→Haneda JL088 Fri Operates as Guangzhou→Narita
Guangzhou departure 14:55, Narita arrival 20:10
Dalian*1 Haneda→Dalian JL023 Suspended (Route launch will be delayed)  
Dalian→Haneda JL024 Suspended (Route launch will be delayed)  
Narita→Dalian JL829 Tue・Wed・Thu・Fri Narita departure 9:35, Dalian arrival 11:45
Dalian→Narita JL820 Tue・Wed・Thu・Fri Dalian departure 13:00, Narita arrival 17:00
Tianjin Chubu→Tianjin JL841 Suspended  
Tianjin→Chubu JL840 Suspended  
Hong Kong*1*2 Haneda→Hong Kong JL029 Wed・Sun Operates as Narita→Hong Kong
Hong Kong→Haneda JL026 Wed・Sun Operates as Hong Kong→Narita
Narita→Hong Kong JL735 Suspended  
Hong Kong→Narita JL736 Suspended  
Taipei Haneda→Taipei(Songshan) JL097 Mon・Wed・Fri・Sat・Sun  
Taipei(Songshan)→Haneda JL098 Mon・Wed・Fri・Sat・Sun  
Haneda→Taipei(Songshan) JL099 Suspended  
Taipei(Songshan)→Haneda JL096 Suspended  
Narita→Taipei(Taoyuan) JL809 Tue・Thu Narita departure 11:45, Taipei (Taoyuan) arrival 14:40
Taipei(Taoyuan)→Narita JL802

July 1 - 9 : Tue・Thu

July 10 - 31 : Mon・Tue・Thu・Sat

The flight schedule after July 10 is as follows.

Mon・Thu・Sat : Taipei (Taoyuan) departure 11:55, Narita arrival 16:20

Tue : Taipei (Taoyuan) departure 15:55, Narita arrival 20:20

Kansai→Taipei(Taoyuan) JL815 Suspended  
Taipei(Taoyuan)→Kansai JL814 Suspended  
Chubu→Taipei(Taoyuan) JL821 Suspended  
Taipei(Taoyuan)→Chubu JL822 Suspended  
Seoul Haneda→Seoul (Gimpo) JL091 Suspended  
Seoul (Gimpo) → Haneda JL092 Suspended  
Haneda→Seoul (Gimpo) JL093 Suspended  
Seoul (Gimpo) →Haneda JL094 Suspended  
Haneda→Seoul (Gimpo) JL095 Suspended  
Seoul (Gimpo) →Haneda JL090 Suspended  
  • Flights and schedules are subject to government approval.
  1. Dalian, Guangzhou, Hong Kong flights may be cancelled subjected to Chines Authority's regulation.
  2. All Passengers entering to the Hong Kong will be required to have a PCR test certificate prior to boarding.
    For more details, please refer to the following.

June 25, 2021

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