Preclearance for your trip to Hawaii -For smoother travel to Hawaii-

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Aiming to ensure smooth quarantine procedures upon arrival, the JAL Group will begin a "Preclearance Quarantine Screening” from March 26

The State of Hawaii has implemented a pre-screening program called Pre-travel Testing Program (* 1) , which allows travelers from Japan tested for COVID-19 by a designated medical institution to be exempt from 10 days of self-quarantine after arrival in Hawaii.  The program requires travelers to provide a certificate of negative results for COVID-19 tested within 72 hours before departure.

With the start of "Preclearance Quarantine Screening", for passengers boarding our flights using the Pre-travel Testing Program, JAL staff will provide necessary paperwork prior to departure from Japan.   These passengers can bypass quarantine documentation screening performed by State of Hawaii agents upon arrival and can enjoy their stay as soon as they arrive.

About "Preclearance (Advanced quarantine screening)"

Customers to whom "preclearance" applies

Those onboard our operating flights and meet the following conditions at the time of departure are eligible.

  • Registered an account with Hawaii "Safe Travels Program (* 2)" and completed necessary items for application, such as personal information, travel information, and health conditions of the traveler.
  • After completing the above, acquired a QR code that will be sent to passenger’s registered email address (Please have cell phone screen or printed matter available.)
    *QR Code” is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.
  • Obtain negative COVID-19 certificate from health care organization designated by the State of Hawaii (* 3) for negative test result for COVID-19 within 72 hours of departure, and upload the negative certificate (PDF) to the Safe Travels Program (Be sure to have original copy on hand.)

Flow of "preclearance"

  • At the time check-in time of departure, JAL staff will check if "preclearance" is applicable.
  • For customers to whom "preclearance" is applicable, we will provide a boarding pass with a check mark at check-in as proof of having cleared the quarantine procedure at the time of departure.
  • When arriving in quarantine, by presenting boarding pass with the "check completed" mark to a state quarantine representative, passenger will not have to go through the "Hawaii quarantine procedure".
  • Please be sure to have your boarding pass with the "check completed" mark ready upon arrival.
    Please note passengers may need to go through the quarantine procedure again upon arrival, so please be sure to keep the original copy of the negative certificate on hand.

Airport covered by "Preclearance"

Tokyo International Airport (HANEDA)  Started on March 26, 2021.

May 10, 2021

Japan Airlines