Notice to all passengers entering Japan (Updated July 1, 2022)

Thank you for flying with Japan Airlines.


The Japanese Government has introduced border controls and quarantine measures for people entering Japan due to the spread of COVID-19.

There have been cases where passengers have been denied boarding due to them having incomplete or missing COVID-19 test result certificates. Please make sure to check the required documents before your flight.

Due to the enhanced border measures, it may take a long time to complete entry process after arrival at airports in Japan.


Changes are being made on a daily basis to the entry requirements for both Japan and other countries. Please be sure to check the requirements for each country using the entry restriction search service. (Links to an external website.)


[Border Control Changes]
Beginning June 1, 2022, you may be required to undertake a COVID-19 test and enter self-isolation on arrival, depending on the classification of the country/region you are arriving from and whether or not you hold a valid vaccination certificate, .

[Restrictions on entry into Japan]
Passengers with Japanese nationality are not subject to immigration restrictions.
For details, please check the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

[Request for cooperation from the Government of Japan on preparations prior to travel]
In order to reduce the waiting time when entering Japan, the following cooperation is requested from all visitors to Japan, including Japanese nationals.
Prior to departure : Install government-designated apps.
Prior to departure : Complete the Entry Quarantine Fast Track (pre-quarantine procedures) .

Things you need to prepare and do by yourself

Obtain a COVID-19 negative test certificate (collection method must be specified). This is required for all people entering Japan.

All passengers entering Japan from overseas are required to submit a certificate proving a negative test result for COVID-19 that was conducted within 72 hours prior to departure for Japan. This requirement applies to passengers of all nationalities arriving from any country/region.

How to Submit

  • You can complete the Japanese arrival quarantine confirmation procedures in advance by registering your negative test certificate through the Japanese government MySOS mobile app. (Recommended by the Japanese government)
    You can submit your certificate up to 6 hours before your scheduled arrival in Japan.
  • The test certificate used at the time of departure from Japan cannot be used again when entering Japan, for example, you only stay outside Japan for a short time.
  • People who fail to submit the test certificate will not be allowed to enter Japan, even if they are Japanese nationals, in accordance with the Quarantine Law.

Test Certificate Format

  • If using the format prescribed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, all required fields must be completed.
  • If you use any other required format, please make sure that all required fields are completed and submitted in advance through the "MySOS" application. (Cooperation requested by the Japanese government.)

Required fields are as follows:

(1) Name (2) Date of birth (3) Testing method (as specified) (4) Specimen collection method (as specified) (5) Specimen collection date and time (6) Test result (7) Name of laboratory (8) Date of issuance

COVID-19 testing organizations

  • PCR testing using the over-the-counter reception method, which is becoming increasingly common outside Japan, is also acceptable if it uses the specified specimen.
    Please be sure to confirm that the store is eligible for PCR testing before taking the test. (Please note that Rapid Test and Rapid Test With Provider Visit methods are not permitted for travel to Japan.)
    Test results obtained at CVS Health in the USA are able to be submitted via the Japanese government's MySOS app even if the specimen method is not shown. (If the result is not submitted in advance and you bring a paper version to the airport, please be aware that the specimen type will need to be checked at that time.)
  • Some medical institutions that can perform the required COVID-19 are shown below.
    (There may be others available that are not included in this list.)

Please note that the following test certificates are not valid.

  • Certificates where the testing time and date are not shown. Valid certificates must include not only the date of issuance of the test certificate, but also the date and time of specimen collection, which must be within 72 hours of departure for Japan.
  • Certificates where the testing method is not valid.

Qualitative Antigen Tests (marked as Qualitative Antigen Test/Kit, Rapid Antigen Test/Kit, etc.) are invalid.

*The Quantitative Antigen Test (CLEIA) is a validated test method.

  • Certificates where the sample collection method is not valid.

Oral swabs, throat swabs are invalid.

COVID-19 test sample collection method


Government of Japan Request for Cooperation [All People Entering Japan]

In order to reduce the waiting time when entering Japan, the following cooperation is requested from all people entering Japan, including Japanese nationals.

Waiting times for those who cooperate are shorter than for others.

  • Please complete the following before departure. [All people entering Japan.]
  • Install the MySOS mobile app (Health and location monitoring app)
  • Install COCOA App (COVID-19 contact tracing mobile app)
  • Creation of 2D barcode through MySOS

All of the above are required for entry into Japan and are subject to confirmation in quarantine.

If you do not have a smartphone, you are required to rent one at the time of entry into the country in accordance with the Quarantine Act.

  • Use of Fast Track (pre-registration for airport quarantine procedures) is strongly recommended. [All people entering Japan.]

Using the MySOS app, you can complete the quarantine document check procedures in advance.

(Application must be made at least 6 hours prior to scheduled arrival time in Japan.)

If conpleted,

  • Confirmation of quarantine documents is usually not required at check-in.
  • Confirmation of quarantine documents is usually not required during entry quarantine procedures in Japan.

Signing and submission of the Written Pledge [Applicable customers only]

Passengers who are required to isolate on arrival will be required to submit a written pledge to comply with the measures required by the quarantine authorities (e.g., stay at home, do not use public transportation except when permitted, recording of location information, and comply with requests from public health authorities to provide them with your location information).

Anyone refusing to sign and submit the written pledge will be requested to isolate (depending on the country or region where you stay) at a location specified by the head of the quarantine authority.

If the pledge is violated, such persons may be subject to detention under the Quarantine Act and the following measures may apply:

 (1) For Japanese nationals, names and other information that contribute to preventing the spread of infection may be made public.

 (2) For foreign nationals with residence status, names, nationalities, and other information that contributes to preventing the spread of infection may be made public. They may also be subject to the revocation of their residence status and deportation procedures under the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law may apply.

Please retrieve the written pledge form from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs webpage.

COVID-19 testing on arrival [Applicable customers only]

COVID-19 testing after entering Japan

Passengers who are required to isolate on arrival will be tested for COVID-19 infection at the arrival airport. You may have to wait for a lengthy period at the airport until the test results are ready.

Isolation after entering Japan

The need to isolate after entry may vary depending on the classification of the country/region where the entrant was staying before entering Japan and whether or not they have a valid vaccination certificate.

The designated "Countries and Regions of Stay" announced by the Japanese government are subject to change at any time, so please check the following page of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for details.

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Other Information

Sales of international flights arriving in Japan

Currently there is a limit on the number of people permitted to enter Japan due to enhanced restrictions imposed by the Japanese government.

Japan Airlines will continue to control the number of reservations permitted on its international flights arriving in Japan in order to comply with government-imposed restrictions on the number of people permitted to arrive each day. Due to this, ticket sales may be suspended when the daily limit is reached.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding. 

July 1, 2022

Japan Airlines