For passengers on flights between London and Haneda (Last Updated January 12, 2021)

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In response to the spread of mutated strains of coronavirus in the United Kingdom or South Africa, the Japanese Government is fortifying border controls and quarantine measures for people entering Japan.

*The dates mentioned below are based on the date of arrival in Japan.

1. New Entry from the United Kingdom and South Africa suspended

As of October 1, 2020, new entry from groups has been permitted on the condition that there is a recipient company, Country, who can commit to quarantine measures.
However, new entry from the United Kingdom under this system will be denied for the time being starting December 24, 2020, and South Africa starting December 26,2020.

2.Exception of entry upon return and re-entry from a short-term business trip to the United Kingdom suspended.

The exemption of 14 days waiting for return or re-entry from a short business trip to the United Kingdom is not applicable.

3. Strengthening of quarantine measures

For all persons who return to or enter Japan from UK and South Africa will be tested for the Coronavirus infection at the arrival airport.

You may have to wait for a long time at the airport until the test results come out.

It is mandantory to submit a negative certificate for the Coronavirus infection within 72 hours before leaving the country of stay.

Besides that after December 26, 2020, all the passengers will be asked to stay at an accommodation facility designated by the quarantine station.

If passenger who didin't submit the negative certigficate for Coronavirous, pasengers will be required to stay at an accommodation facility designated by the quarantine station, and will be retested on the 3rd day and 6th day after their entry.

Those who are tested negative on the 3rd day and 6th day from the day after entering Japan will be allowed to leave the accommodation facility designated by the quarantine station and quarantine yourself at home.


The following forms prepared by the Japanese government are recommended. 

You can also submit a certificate issued by a medical institution, but it must contain all necessary information.

In order to view PDF documents, you will need to install Adobe Reader on your computer.

For Japanese returning from the United Kingdom, a test certificate within 72 hours before departure is required. (For the time being, for returnees arriving on December 27, 2020).

Returnees who cannot submit an inspection certificate are required to wait at a place designated by the quarantine station chief (Limited to accommodations secured by quarantine stations.) for 14 days.

All passengers departing for Japan are advised to check the Japanese government website for further information.

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January 12, 2021

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