Changes on the Hawaii & Guam Route Network for Departure between December 1 and 31, 2020

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City Routes Flight Number

Details of change

(Day of operation)

Honolulu Haneda→Honolulu JL072 We will inform you as soon as it is confirmed.  
Honolulu→Haneda JL071
Haneda→Honolulu JL074
Honolulu→Haneda JL073
Narita→Honolulu JL786
Honolulu→Narita JL785
Narita→Honolulu JL784
Honolulu→Narita JL783
Kansai→Honolulu JL792
Honolulu→Kansai JL791
Chubu→Honolulu JL794
Honolulu→Chubu JL793
Kona Narita→Kona JL770
Kona→Narita JL779
Guam Narita→Guam JL941
Guam→Narita JL942
Narita→Guam JL943 Suspended (Route launch will be delayed)  
Guam→Narita JL944 Suspended (Route launch will be delayed)  
  • Flights and schedules are subject to government approval.

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October 6, 2020

Japan Airlines