Changes on the North America Route Network for Departure between December 1 and 31, 2020

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City Routes Flight Number

Details of change

(Day of operation)

New York Haneda→New York JL006 Mon・Thu・Sat  
New York→Haneda JL005 Mon・Thu・Sat (Departure) New York 12:35 (Arrival) Haneda 17:05+1
Haneda→New York JL004 Suspended  
New York→Haneda JL003 Suspended  
Narita→New York JL8006 Wed・Fri・Sun (Departure) Narita 11:05 (Arrival) New York 9:50
New York→Narita JL8005 Wed・Fri・Sun (Departure) New York 12:35 (Arrival) Narita 17:05+1
Boston Narita→Boston JL008 Mon・Tue・Thu・Sat  
Boston→Narita JL007 Mon・Wed・Thu・Sat  
Chicago Haneda→Chicago JL010 Tue・Thu・Sat (Departure) Haneda 10:15 (Arrival) Chicago 7:00
Chicago→Haneda JL009 Tue・Thu・Sat  
Narita→Chicago JL8010 Mon・Wed・Fri・Sun (Departure) Narita 10:15 (Arrival) Chicago 7:00
Chicago→Narita JL8009 Mon・Wed・Fri・Sun (Departure) Chicago 10:20 (Arrival) Narita 14:55+1
Dallas/Fort Worth Haneda→Dallas/Fort Worth JL012 Tue・Thu・Sat  
Dallas/Fort Worth→Haneda JL011 Tue・Thu・Sat  
Narita→Dallas/Fort Worth JL8012 Mon・Wed・Fri・Sun (Departure) Narita 10:55 (Arrival) Dallas/Fort Worth 7:15
Dallas/Fort Worth→Narita JL8011 Mon・Wed・Fri・Sun (Departure) Dallas/Fort Worth 10:30 (Arrival) Narita 15:20+1
San Francisco Haneda→San Francisco JL002 Suspended  
San Francisco→Haneda JL001 Suspended  
Narita→San Francisco JL058 Mon・Tue・Thu・Sat  
San Francisco→Narita JL057 Tue・Wed・Fri・Sun  
Los Angeles Haneda→Los Angeles JL016 Wed・Sun  
Los Angeles→Haneda JL015 Mon・Thu  
Narita→Los Angeles JL062 Mon・Tue・Thu・Sat  
Los Angeles→Narita JL061 Tue・Wed・Fri・Sun  
Kansai→Los Angeles JL060 Suspended  
Los Angeles→Kansai JL069 Sat  
San Diego Narita→San Diego JL066 Suspended  
San Diego→Narita JL065 Suspended  
Seattle Narita→Seattle JL068 Suspended  
Seattle→Narita JL067 Suspended  
Vancouver Narita→Vancouver JL018 Mon・Tue・Sat  
Vancouver→Narita JL017 Tue・Wed・Sun  
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October 26, 2020

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