International Ticket Changes and Refund due to Flight Disruptions, Cancellation or Entry Restrictions caused by COVID-19

If your travel is disrupted due to a flight cancellation, schedule change, or entry restriction imposed by the authorities as a result of COVID-19, you may postpone your travel or cancel your flight booking for free.

  • Please note: if your ticket was purchased through a travel agency, booking changes/cancellation policies may vary. Please contact your travel agency for details.

Basic policies

Tickets issued by Japan Airlines (JAL) with ticket number starting with '131’ that meets either of the following conditions are eligible for a one-time free change to an alternative flight departing on/before April 27, 2022, or a refund without  cancellation charges.

Conditions Deadline for date change or refund request

Reserved flights departing on/before April 25, 2022 with a schedule change or flight cancellation

One day prior to the current reserved flight departure date

If you are unable to travel due to travel restrictions imposed by the destination. From two months prior to the current reserved flight departure date

For Itineraries to/from/via airports in Japan

Date of issue:Tickets issued by November 30, 2021

Boarding Date:Departures from November 30, 2021 up to December 31, 2021

One day prior to the scheduled flight departure date

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  • This policy also applies to JMB Award Tickets and Japan domestic fares for non-Japanese residents.

How to change or cancel your booking due to flight disruptions or entry restrictions

If you want to postpone your trip and change your travel dates


If you want to cancel your booking or request for a refund


For tickets issued in the Japan region between June 11, 2020 and November 30, 2021, reservation changes will be accepted without charging a change fee. Depending on the fare rules that apply after the reservation change, a change fee may apply, or changes may not be permitted.

Some regions outside Japan offer reservation changes at no charge.

December 2, 2021

Japan Airlines