Transfer of several flights from Narita to Haneda departing and arriving on / after March 29, 2020 (Sun)

Thank you for your continuous support for JAL Group.

Japan Airlines is transferring several flights from Narita to Haneda after March 29, 2020 (Sun).

Sales opening date for flights departing from/arriving at Haneda varies depending on the route, so please refer to the applicable route list below.

If you already have a ticket for a flight that is transferring from Narita to Haneda, we will email or call you after opening sales for the applicable flights.

After the sales is open, you are able to confirm the new flight number and time from your "Booking details" on the JAL website, and choose whether you agree or not to transfer to the applicable flights.

If your booking was made at travel agent or other non-JAL channels, please contact the travel agent where you booked. JAL will contact you if connecting flight must be changed due to a flight time change or the reservation includes an upgrade, as the change will not be completed via JAL website.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Applicable date

Flights departing from and arriving at Tokyo on / after March 29, 2020 (Sun)

JL71 / JL73 from Honolulu and JL48 from Helsinki to Tokyo Haneda will start operations on March 28, 2020.

For flights departing on March 28, 2020 on JL009 (Chicago O’Hare), JL011 (Dallas Fort Worth), and JL003 (New York) flights will arrive into Tokyo Haneda airport.










New York










Los Angeles


Passengers who have made a reservation or have purchased a ticket

If you agree to change to flights to / from Haneda

Please select "Agree" from "Booking details" on JAL website.

If you have already purchased a ticket, you are able to board the new flight with the same ticket.

If you would like to change to another flight

After selecting "Decline" from "Booking details" on JAL website, please wait for contact from JAL, or please call "JAL Reservation & Information".

If you have already purchased a ticket, it can be changed it to another JAL flight without any fee.

If you would like to cancel

We will accept your cancellation at JAL website. Please select "Cancel / Refund" from "Booking details".

If you have already purchased your ticket, we will refund it without fee.

In case you made a purchase through JAL call center, please contact us again.


If you wish to change your flight again after you have confirmed your flight change, there will be need to adjust the difference in fares and taxes according to your new itinerary.

Also, if you have purchased a ticket on the JAL website, you will not be able to make further changes on the JAL website after confirming this change.

In this case, please contact "JAL Reservation & Information".

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you.

December 20, 2019

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