Renovations and Reopening of Sakura Lounge Dining Area on 3F Narita International Airport Main Building

Thank you for your continuous support for JAL Group.


The Sakura Lounge dining area on 3F Narita International Airport Main Building, which has been in renovations, proudly reopen on August 9, 2019. The total number of seats and the area will be bigger than before for more comfortability. JAL apologizes for any inconvenience caused during the renovations. 

Operational hours in the new dining area

07:30 - Final Flight Operation

New First Class Lounge on 3rd Flood Main Building will proudly reopen this autumn, where you can more comfortably spend your time. More details will be informed someday soon.


Thank you very much for your kind cooperation and understanding.

August 1, 2019

Japan Airlines