How to register an open ticket.

Only one ticket number may be registered per passenger.

Register an open ticket.


Ticket Numbers (13 digits)

Ticket numbers (13 digits) must be entered for all passengers.


Open Tickets

If you are logged in to your JMB account, click "Open Tickets" to display a list of valid open tickets for your booking. Click the "Select" button to automatically fill in the ticket number.


Search Open Tickets

If you don't know the ticket number, click here to search for it. (You can search by either JMB member number or by order number.)


Split Booking

This option allows you to split the booking if you want to register tickets for one or more passengers at a later time.


After entering all ticket numbers, proceed to the confirmation screen.

Once you are finished registering open tickets, the booking segment status will change to "Purchased."

  • The total amount displayed after registration is the amount paid when purchasing the open ticket(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

Cases Where Registration Via the Website Is Unavailable

  • A fare difference must be paid (booking class, fare, passenger facility charge, etc. differs from time of purchase)
  • Number of segments in booking differs from number of segments in open ticket
  • Open ticket is already designated for use on another booking
  • Booking is for multiple passengers and open ticket flight details (date, etc.) differ between passengers
  • Ticket is converted to an open ticket due to a cancellation.
  • Both segments are unused Business KIPPU and flight date is past the expiration date shown on the e-Ticket Search screen (the expiration date shown for Business KIPPU is 90 days from the designated date of the first segment; however, when both segments are unused, the ticket is valid up to one year after the purchase date)

To register tickets in the above cases, please contact the JAL call center (Domestic Reservation and Information).