Information for fares depending on estimated number of available seats

The types of fares available depend on the estimated number of available seats on a given flight. The greater the estimated number of seats, the more discounts (fare types) are available for booking.

Applicable fares


Fare images

  • The "estimated number of available seats" refers to the estimated final occupancy rate for a given flight and seating class as of the time of booking. (This differs from the number of seats still available at the time of booking.)
  • Lower-priced seats may become available after purchase based on changes in available seat estimates.
  • Once purchase is completed, bookings cannot be changed to another fare class or type.
  • Each flight has a limited number of seats available. (Some dates, routes, and flights may have no SAKITOKU and TOKUBIN.)


  • Seat search results will display the lowest available fare based on the search criteria (number of travelers, class, etc.). Therefore, the fare displayed may vary based on the time and criteria of the search.
    (If there is only 1 seat available at the lowest fare, searching for 1 traveler will result in a different fare being displayed than searching for 2 travelers)
  • Fares shown are effective at the timing of purchase.