About Order Number (domestic flight) (Departing on/before April 11, 2023)


Order number has been discontinued beginning with flights departing April 12, 2023.

Order Number is an 8 or 12 digit unique number issued for each passenger* after the domestic flight ticket is purchased. Order Number is one of the authentication codes for verifying the holder's rights of boarding the flight, making changes or refunding the e-ticket. Order Numbers for all passengers will be required for the ticket change or refund.

  • For ticket paid at Convenience store (in Japan) by cash, one common Order Number will be issued for all passengers in the same flight booking.

When is Order Number required

  • Issue receipts
  • To refer your 'Ticketing Code for Shareholders Discount Coupon Replacement'

Where to find Order Number and its digit

The digit of Order Number depends on the services that you have used.

  • Alphabet included in the 8-digit Order Number is F, H, J, X, or Z.