Fly and Earn Bonus Miles on TOKYO (HANEDA) - KUALA LUMPUR flights operated by Malaysia Airlines!

Promotion Period

August 14, 2022 (Sunday) - October 27, 2022 (Thursday) (Flight date)

Pre-flight registration

Pre-flight registration is required to qualify for this promotion.

Bonus miles will not be credited without registration or if registrated after flight departure.

Eligible Members

Eligible Routes

Malaysia Airlines operating direct flights between TOKYO (HANEDA) and Kuala Lumpur (MH0037、MH0036、JL7097、JL7096)

Eligible Booking Classes

All the applicable booking classes for mileage accrual

Bonus Miles

Additional 50% bonus miles will be credited in addition to the regular flight miles for each eligible one-way segment based on the booking class during the promotion period.

Registration for the promotion must be made before flight departure.

NOTES/ Conditions of Use

  • Bonus miles will be automatically credited at the same time as the corresponding standard flight miles.
  • Bonus miles do not count toward FLY ON status qualification.
  • When JMB members participate in this promotion and other promotions which offer bonus mileage at the same time, bonus mileage will not be awarded twice. Only the number of bonus mileage that surpasses the other number of bonus mileage of the promotion will be awarded.
  • To accumulate miles, you need to provide your JMB membership number before departure.

Japan Airlines and Malaysia Airlines Joint Business partnership

Japan Airlines and Malaysia Airlines have entered into a Joint Business partnership in July 2020.

How To Register For This Promotion